MIDO - Eyewear & Ophthalmology Equipment Show - Milan Italy (Z1387)

MIDO 2020:

“After the decision to postpone MIDO, the wisdom of which we are ever more convinced of after seeing how the emergency has escalated in the past few days and the relative precautions adopted by the Italian government - comments the President Giovanni Vitaloni - we have worked nonstop in the last 72 hours to be able to define the new dates, carefully chosen to meet the needs of the sector. Thanks to the tireless work of the whole staff and to the collaboration with Fiera Milano, we are already able to announce the new dates. In addition to the support of the most important companies, in these hours we have met with our exhibitors, buyers, and stakeholders, because MIDO is the reference point for the sector, and, above all in this delicate moment, it is the reflection of Italian and international eyewear, a unique resource recognized worldwide as an important economic segment for our country. “

We remind that all the announced events linked to MIDO, like the press conference scheduled on February 28th have been postponed. The new dates will be comunicated during the next weeks

The journalists that have registered to MIDO 2020 on https://www.mido.com/en/press-registration and that have received the press pass to the event will not have to register again.

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MIDO - Eyewear & Ophthalmology Equipment Show - Milan Italy (Z1385)

Today, Saturday February 22, the Board of Directors of MIDO, the world’s leading tradeshow dedicated to eyewear, met in order to set up and define a strategic response to the CoVID-19 emergency, in relation to the upcoming edition scheduled for February 29 to March 2.

MIDO’s organizers have announced that the Board has decided to postpone the 2020 edition until dates, still to be decided, between the end of May and mid June.

“We took this decision out of respect for the current alarming situation and for our exhibitors and visitors - said Giovanni Vitaloni, President of MIDO. As this health crisis is developing in Italy, we could not but choose to postpone MIDO’s 2020 edition. We immediately defined and selected a timeframe within the year which could meet the needs of the eyewear industry at a national and international level.

We are aware that this decision will require industry professionals, exhibitors, buyers, press members, opticians and everyone working for MIDO, including our staff, to re-schedule their attendance, with a significant impact on all internal organizations. 

It will be a twofold effort as we are just a week away from the show, but we cannot honestly think of celebrating our 50 years when the world - and our country now in particular - is experiencing such an international crisis.

We trust though that, for the very nature of the current situation, which is alarming and continuously evolving, our exhibitors and visitors, the media and everyone involved will understand our decision. Our sense of responsibility as business people, but most of all as human beings, towards our families, our children, our colleagues, has compelled us to do something that we would have never wanted to do, especially for this special edition, the year of our 50th birthday.”

The new dates of MIDO 2020 will be announced in the upcoming days in order to let exhibitors re-schedule their presence at the show, in compliance with possible new instruction from the relevant authorities who are dealing with this health crisis and in accordance with how the situation will develop and the availability of the spaces at Rho Fiera Milano, with which we keep constantly in touch.

MIDO - Eyewear & Ophthalmology Equipment Show - Milan Italy (Z1382)
Looking forward to MIDO 2020 – From eyesight to vision

Save the date: Saturday February 29th at 6:30pm in the Services Center Auditorium, a gala evening of festivities and sharing, open to all MIDO participants. The evening begins with the From eyesight to vision ” presentation by sociologist Francesco Morace, on consumer habits and tastes in eyewear in the last 50 years – from the technical advances of the 1960s to the flamboyant frames of the 1980s, to the turning point of 2020, where consumer-creators dictate their own fashion wants, integrating taste and technology. The awards ceremony follows, honoring the companies that have participated in all 50 editions of MIDO, the show’s Past Presidents, presentation of the Bestore and Stand Up for Green prizes and, to conclude with a flourish, the Golden edition lounge party. We look forward to seeing you there!

MIDO - Eyewear & Ophthalmology Equipment Show - Milan Italy (Z1379)

Looking forward to MIDO 2020 - Stand up for Green

Mido Golden Edition, we are almost there:  
Stand up for Green, the show’s emphasis on eco-sustainability.

Only a few days remain until the first “Stand up for green” edition – the contest that will acknowledge the prize-winning stand designed and built around eco-sustainable principles. The award grew out of the idea to reward exhibitors for their environmental stewardship awareness and focus on good practices of sustainable living. The winner will be announced on Saturday February 29 at 6:30pm, during the “From Eyesight to Vision” party celebrating MIDO’s 50th anniversary.

The jury will base its selection on the stand’s general approach to sustainability, level of innovation, originality and effective communication of a positive message about the importance of green choices for the future of humanity and the planet.

Glass artisan, Marco Varisco, was commissioned to create the prize, a unique work of crystal art, polished to transparency and then hand-engraved. An elegant and, above all, green prize, it has an almost magical appeal, thanks to the material itself. For 3,000 years, glass has enchanted humankind with its unique properties of transparency and light weight and for its two-pronged nature, for  being fragile and strong at the same time.

MIDO - Eyewear & Ophthalmology Equipment Show - Milan Italy (Z1368)

As it is evident, the circumstances which have emerged in recent days will prevent most of the exhibiting companies from China from participating in MIDO 2020. As a result, this year, the “Fair East” area (pavilion 7), which traditionally hosts the Asian exhibitors, will not be open.

In order to reduce the impact from this situation, MIDO will make available to the exhibitors who are unable to attend a digital platform making it possible for them to present their new products on-line, and for the visitors registered to view them and come into contact with the companies directly. MIDO4U.COM will be active for the exhibitors from Monday 17 February and for the visitors from Monday 24 February.

“It’s a small but concrete contribution to support our Chinese and Asian colleagues, to whom we address our thoughts and solidarity, that, with their participation, have been attending Mido for so many years “ declared MIDO President Giovanni Vitaloni

MIDO - Eyewear & Ophthalmology Equipment Show - Milan Italy (Z1362)
Looking forward to MIDO 2020 –
Eyewear of the Future as seen by the Certottica Academy

In honor of the extraordinary 50th anniversary of MIDO, the second-year students of the ITS Academy in eyewear design and engineering (a 2-year postgraduate course funded by the Veneto Region and MIUR, run by Fondazione ITS Cosmo and promoted by Certottica), produced 25 designs as a tribute to the Golden Edition.

Based on input from MIDO, which provided mood inspiration for the 50th anniversary, the students came up with concepts of interpretation – using gold to represent the 50th anniversary, the number 50, the 1970s as inspiration for shapes and trends, the phases of the moon, concentric rings (drawing ideas from the crosscut section of a tree trunk) and the shape of the lens with the MIDO logo.

The best projects will be displayed at the Certottica stand from February 29 to March 2, Pavilion 4 - A04 B10.

MIDO - Eyewear & Ophthalmology Equipment Show - Milan Italy (Z1358)
Looking forward to MIDO 2020 –
Seven centuries of optical history

Starting this week Mido will lead you to the Milan eyewear exhibition with two  weekly updates.

Silvio Maffioletti, professor in the Degree Course in Optics and Optometry at the Università degli Studi in Turin and at the Istituto di Ricerca e di Studi di Ottica e Optometria in Vinci, and Sergio Cappa, professor at the Istituto Superiore di Scienze Optometriche in Milan and at the Civica Scuola di Ottica e Optometria in Milan, are the authors of the “History of Optics”, a book that examines the world of eyeglasses from 1300 to 1970, that will be presented on Sunday March 1st at 3pm in the OttiClub space, inside the Milan Fairgrounds.

Of momentous importance to the industry, the scientific treatise – written in tribute to the 50th anniversary of MIDO – goes back to the origins to reconstruct the history of lenses and eyewear. Seven centuries of optical history. Seven hundred years that, in the field of vision science, encompass a wealth of personal and collective, cultural and scientific, social and political events. The authors contextualize these events in the times and places in which they occurred, accurately and with a light touch, reconstructing the stages and fundamental connections in the development of lenses. The book ends in 1970, year in which Mido’s first edition took place.

Cappa and Maffioletti guide readers to the discovery of how research and studies, technological application, artisan craftsmanship and industrial progress converge in the advancement of the vision sciences. They also identify and acknowledge the importance of some of the leading players in scientific progress and entrepreneurship. In telling their stories, describing the roles they played, the authors highlight their scientific and entrepreneurial excellence and, together, reveal the determination, passion, and admirable innovative spirit that imbued their stories and their lives.

“History of Optics” by Professor Silvio Maffioletti & Professor Sergio Cappa
MIDO - Eyewear & Ophthalmology Equipment Show - Milan Italy (Z1354)

Looking forward to MIDO 2020 - “Through the looking glass”

Authored by Adriano Moraglio, well-known Ansa and Il Sole24 Ore journalist, “Through the looking glass” interweaves fact and fiction in a novel that narrates 50 years of MIDO through the personal and professional adventures of a family of opticians. It all begins on May 15, 1970: Giorgio, owner of an optical shop in the suburbs of Turin, decides to take his 12-year-old son with him as he attends the first edition of MI-DO, the Italian optics and ophthalmology trade show being held at the Milan Fairgrounds. Thus begins an extraordinary journey through the world of eyewear that will lead the novel’s main characters to become increasingly passionate about the artisanal and industrial achievements of this industry, and to explore its ancient origins in Italy’s Cadore region. The story is the first-ever account of the growth – through feast and famine – of the leading eyewear exhibition. It spans five decades of Italian history while narrating the exploits of an industry that, by consistently courting international expansion, becomes a driving force in Italy’s economy. “Through the looking glass” is not just a novel but also a photo album of the most defining images from 1970 to the present – a journey through time and the history of MIDO that, from the very first editions, drew industry professionals from around the globe and was poised for success. The book will be presented, in both the  Italian and English editions,  during the press conference at 11am on February 28th at the Gessi Milano Space, via Manzoni 16 a, Milan.

MIDO - Eyewear & Ophthalmology Equipment Show - Milan Italy (Z1353)
Official press release that was issued today by Mido

Dear Visitor,

We are constantly monitoring  the situation surrounding the Coronavirus health warning, paying close attention to all the provisions and recommendations from the World Health Organization, the Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian National Institute of Health.

As things stand today, we confirm that the 50th edition of MIDO will take place as scheduled, in compliance with current health regulations.

In light of the restrictions on travel from China prescribed by global authorities, it is possible that many exhibitors and visitors from China will have to cancel their plans to participate in the show.

MIDO has therefore decided to provide a new digital platform to those exhibitors unable to participate that will allow them to introduce their new products on line and the registered MIDO visitors to view them and make contact directly with the companies.

We repeat that, as previously indicated on January 30th, in order to safeguard exhibitors and visitors, MIDO 2020 will adopt all additional preventive measures recommended by the health authorities.

We would also like to express our solidarity with the Chinese people who, at this time, are experiencing a serious health, economic and social crisis.

We are available for clarification or any needs you might have and will promptly notify you of any new initiatives, regulations or changes.

MIDO - Eyewear & Ophthalmology Equipment Show - Milan Italy (Z1351)

A sensational innovation-filled edition of the biggest
global eyewear event 

Milan, January 30TH, 2020 – Less than 30 days before the opening of the 50th edition of MIDO, aptly named “TheGolden Edition”, taking place February 29th to March 2nd at Rho Fiera Milano. This promises to be a unique, unforgettable year for the exhibitors, media and visitors participating in the event, including encounters with distinguished guests, awards, honors and previews that will make the 2020 edition unlike any other.
After the 11am press conference on Friday, February 28 at the Gessi Milano Space, MIDO 2020 will open its doors at 9am on Saturday February 29. At 6.30pm that evening, a party open to everyone will be held inside the show grounds (detailed program to be revealed in the coming weeks). It will retrace and celebrate the history of MIDO, starting from 1970 when 95 companies participated in MIDO in a 3,000 m2exhibit space. Today, 7 pavilions will be filled by more than 1,320 exhibitors representing 70 countries from around the world. This growth has benefited from a legacy of leadership built over time that, in only the last 5 years, has brought a 20% increase in attendance, which peaked at the last edition with nearly 60,000 attendees.

The evening’s opening ceremony is entrusted to sociologist Francesco Morace who, with the presentation “From Eyesight to Vision”,will map out the future of eyewear as seen through the lens of the last 50 years–a historical overview of how eyewear has changed as a social and lifestyle accessory and how it will evolve in the coming years. Throughout the evening, there will be awards celebrating the past and future of MIDO and of eyewear, including honoring the companies that have participated in all 50 editions, the Past Presidents, the Stand up for Green Award for the most sustainable stand design and the Bestore Award for the best optical centers in the world.

“This very special edition allows us to narrate, through the 50 years of MIDO, the singular, extraordinary story of an object eyeglasses that has become an integral part of our lives, of culture and of the international economy,”remarked Giovanni Vitaloni, President of MIDO and ANFAO.“From the roaring ‘60s and ‘70s to the opulent ‘80s, when fashion and design began to make their mark in the world of eyewear, up to the most recent decades, where technologies have become more and more advanced and cutting-edge, it has become crucial to choose the product based on its quality, beauty and brand, with ever-increasing awareness of the esthetic and practical criteria”.

Among the innovations for the 50th edition are two books that commemorate, in different ways, this major milestone. The “History of Optics”, by Silvio Maffioletti and Sergio Cappa, traces the origins and development of optics from the 1300s to 1970 and will also be the topic of a dedicated event at the OttiClub. Thisfirst-ever scientific treatise is of momentous importance to the industry. The other book, “Through the Looking Glass”, by Adriano Moraglio, commences in 1970 and, interweaving fact and fiction, narrates MIDO through the personal and professional adventures of three generations of opticians.

Eyewear, and the global eyewear supply chain, are still the stars of the show – from machinery to accessories, by way of lenses and frames. All 7 Rho Fiera pavilions, divided into the Fashion District, Lenses, Design Lab, More!, Lab Academy, FAiR East and Tech areas, have been confirmed. At the OttiClub, there will be many opportunities for an in-depth look at the industry. This year, along with some time-tested events– like trends forecast by WGSN– Otticlub offers some interesting innovations:a new survey commissioned by MIDO and SILMO, and a special edition of MIDO Outlook, the observatory that engages thousands of Italian and global players, which,starting with the biggest changes that shaped the last 50 years, explores what future market developments might look like.

MIDO’sdigital outreachensures an ongoing presence on the show’s social profiles: Instagram (@mido_exhibition), Facebook (@MIDOExhibition), Twitter (@MIDOExhibition) and Linkedin, and through the hashtags #MIDO2020 #anniversaryofwonder and #livethewonder. Designed to deliver a complete experience of the fair, the updated Mido App is available to help everyone prepare for the largest international event dedicated to the global eyewear industry. The wonder of MIDO will be broadcast live on the show’s MIDOTV video channel, with non-stop programming all 3 days of the show featuring interviews with celebrities, exhibitors, opticians and eyewear connoisseurs. Thanks to a live streaming channel, TV content can be viewed immediately at 3 dedicated locations, on the MIDO YouTube channel and, of course, on the MIDO APP.
MIDO Eyewear Show
Milan, February 29 – March 2, 2020 at Rho Fiera Milano
For informationwww.mido.com
Press accreditation https://www.mido.com/accredito-stampa-blogger-mido
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#midoforgreen #standupforgreen
MIDO APP downloadable at Google Play and App Store https://rdly.it/midoapp2020


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