MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1339)




A BY ANABELLE by Anabelle Tsitsin

ALOHAS SANDALS by Alejandro Porras

Founded in 2016 by Anabelle Tsitsin, the brand offers the luxury of footwear that is made to last.
The designer’s style is inspired by architectural lines and timeless forms. Materials are the brand’s key focus, and all its styles are made out of only the best quality fabrics and Italian leathers.
A by Anabelle shoes are made entirely in Italy, in the town of Parabiago, taking great care with every little detail at every stage in production.

A brand established in Honolulu in 2015 by Alejandro Porras, its current CEO,
featuring designs by stylist Ines Martín-Borregon.
Going back to its roots by coming up with a contemporary twist on the
traditional Espadrille, the Barcelona-based company designs finely crafted
espadrilles and sandals expressing the handcrafted roots of the Spanish
sandals that have made the brand famous. The brand has now come up with its first AW collection of boots and mules, which have met with great success.
Alohas Sandals are sold on some of the biggest and most exclusive online
shops on three continents.

CONTRE-ALLÉE by Marouane Haial

DOTZ by Rodrigo Doxandabarat

Contre-Allée was born out of a friendship. After travelling through the
medinas of Morocco together, Anne and Marouane discovered a material
underused in the textiles industry: raffia, a very strong fibre made from a
variety of palm tree that grows in swampy areas and along river banks.
Seduced by its qualities, the two friends decided to use this soft yet solid
material to make a unique shoe that would be both natural and comfortable,
the added value of which lay in the precision of Moroccan handicrafting.

DOTZ is a brand that is constantly reinventing itself, inspired by the key concepts of diversity, empathy and
The entire production process is carried out by hand to create a product of superior quality and manufacture.
The company is committed to making shoes in the most sustainable, ethical way possible. From procurement of
materials to assembly and unique construction, the brand has launched the challenge of living up to the ideals of the
DOTZ concept. Rodrigo Doxandabart, the brand’s founder, was already known to the world of fashion, first as a model and then as the manager of prominent Italian fashion brands, and continues to find components in line with his vision, working toward innovative sustainable solutions.

DEPLACÉ MAISON by Marco Contigiani,
Leonardo and Aldo D’Autilio

Déplacé is an independent footwear and accessories brand that arose out of a unique convergence of art and personality. Imagine a combination of tattoos, architecture and electronic music; a sort of orderly disorder, given form in the creative designers’ first collection. Three young designers and entrepreneurs with a lot of imagination, who considered Déplacé a way of expressing their shared vision of urban and outdoor living. Déplacé is the story of a connection, of the three designers’ interest in the new and emerging, with all the responsibility of people who want to experiment, invent and discover something new.

DYAN by Diána Polgár

LES JEUX DU MARQUIS by Emanuele Coppari

DYAN is named after designer Diána Polgár, who graduated from the
Department of Fashion and Textile Design at Moholy-Nagy University of Art
and Design before beginning her career with famous Hungarian shoemaker
Asso Shoe. The brand contrasts symmetry with asymmetry, combining
elegance with minimal looks in uniquely comfortable shoes. Made strictly by
hand in Hungary from top-quality materials, DYAN shoes have a unique look
with a contemporary silhouette in sober, elegant colours. The collection is
inspired by the constructivism of artists such as Ellsworth Kelly or John
McLaughlin and built to guarantee practicality and comfort.

Les Jeux du Marquis was founded in 2012 by Emanuele Coppari (born in
1978). The brand draws on the tradition of Italian excellence typical of its
founder’s native region, Marche, which has a long history of producing
timeless fashion accessories.
The brand reinterprets the classics of the female image in irreverent,
seductive forms. Every single item is made by hand by the best craftspeople
of the Marche: pumps and sandals with sensual lines, reinvented with a range
of imaginative accessories such as modular bracelets to be worn in unusual,
playful combinations, fur pompoms, precious silk bow ties... Les Jeux du
Marquis makes every woman a goddess of her times.

MAIORANO by Matteo Maiorano

PIJAKBUMI by Rowland Asfales

MAIORANO was founded in Rome in 2018 by Matteo Maiorano (born in
The brand seeks to achieve the perfect compromise between shoes and
sculpture, and the result is a luxury shoe as unique as a work of art.
All shoes are made by hand in Italy using the best leathers, to guarantee
comfort and durability. A strong focus on detail gives the product a bold
identity and surprising versatility.
MAIORANO is a promising new brand: the first two collections
(Spring/Summer 2019 - Autumn/Winter 2019-20) were praised all over
Italy, where they are sold in selected shops.

With ten years of experience, Rowland Asfales was acknowledged at
Good Design Indonesia 2017 and was among the Indonesian designers
who took part in the 2018 Amazon Tokyo Fashion Week. Asfales creates “ecological and beautiful” shoes for the Pijakbumi brand. The brand is committed to producing high-quality footwear made to high standards of sustainability. The brand’s story-telling and ecological
publicity campaign promote awareness of the need to reduce our energy consumption and conserve natural resources.
Asfales believes that teamwork is essential to achieve success, and works with illustrators and artists, taking part in environmental initiatives to encourage everyone to work #forbetterearth.

Masamitsu Hata & Pierre Rivière

A brand established in 2017 by Japanese designer Masamitsu Hata and French manager Pierre Rivière. Masamitsu Hata, born in Hiroshima province, studied in Great Britain and worked as assistant to fashion photographer Simon Procter before becoming a designer for Berluti until 2017. Pierre Rivière was born in Bordeaux, France. He met Masamitsu while living in London in 2002. With a degree in economics, Pierre has worked in sales for international companies. In 2017, he suggested to Masa that they should set up a new footwear brand together. The brand is named after a naughty little boy who spent all his days by the designers’ studio, and was called home by his mother at regular intervals: his name echoed through the streets, producing the very French sound "Timothée”, the perfect name for the brand.

WXY by Xin-Yu Weng

YATAY by Umberto De Marco

A Taiwanese brand established at the end of 2011 by designer (Joi) XinYu Weng. It is named after the XX and XY chromosomes which determine gender, describing an endemic species born out of the new unisex era.
WXY is based on the concept of "Reverence for life", offering thanks to the
creator of all the natural beauty on our planet. WXY reflects on today’s
society, combining traditional materials and production methods to create a unique new aesthetic vision. The brand’s styles are inspired by simplicity, and every collection is dedicated to one of today’s global issues, from environment to society.

YATAY is a true lifestyle, demonstrating that sophisticated design and an
eco-compatible approach can be combined to create comfortable, highperforming luxury footwear. The company’s production process is
particularly sustainable, using low-impact materials and high-efficiency
production processes in terms of consumption of energy and raw materials.
Production and procurement of materials and the manufacturing process
prevent exploitation of workers and other people who live in the community, supporting all the people involved and taking care of the environment.
Repair and recycle: fashion products can be brought back to life if repaired or reused in a different way, or if the fabrics and other components they are made of are transformed into useful new accessories.


MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1338)

MICAM Milano, the International Footwear Show, will be back at Fiera Milano Rho February 16 through 19, 2020 with a special area set aside for Emerging Designers, offering young creative artists a unique opportunity to present their styles in the prestigious setting of the international show and confirming the trend toward renewal of the footwear sector.

The younger generations play an increasingly important role in determining the trends among consumers today, and also represent an important turning point for the footwear industry. This is why the International Footwear Show once again turns the spotlight on the creations of 12 young new talents in the industry, selected by a panel of experts and showcased in a special space at the event where they will introduce footwear makers and buyers to their surprising new style intuitions.

The creative designers featured in the Emerging Designers space at MICAM 89 will be: Annabelle Tsitsin with her A BY ANABELLE brand (Israel); Ines Martin Borregon of ALOHAS SANDALS (Spain); Marouane Haial with CONTRE ALLÉE (Morocco); Marco Contigiani, Leonardo and Aldo D’Autilio with DEPLACÉ (Italy); Rodrigo with the DOTZ brand (Brazil); Diàna Polgàr with DYAN (Hungary); Emanuele Coppari presenting LES JEUX DU MARQUIS (Italy); Matteo Maiorano with MAIORANO (Italy); Asfales Rowland presenting PIJAK BUMI (Indonesia); Masamitsu Hata and Pierre Rivière of TIMOTHÉE PARIS (France); Xin-Yu Weng of the WXY brand (Taiwan); and Umberto De Marco of YATAY (Italy).

The 12 designers were selected by a professional panel of fashion and communications experts under the guidance of stylist Ernesto Esposito, who included the following panellists in the jury of the 2020 contest: Ivan Bontchev (Fashion Stylist), Simonetta Gianfelici (Fashion Consultant & Talent Scout), Riccardo Grassi (Founder and CEO of Riccardo Grassi Showroom), Julian Hargreaves (Photographer) and Stefania Lorini (Fashion Stylist).

The styles proposed by the young designers range from pop citations to study of classic forms and from the metropolitan atmospheres of electronic music to rediscovery of natural and recycled materials, put to use in surprising new fashion concepts. There are plenty of truly unusual experiments and original new versions of the styles that have made the history of footwear design.

New talent is ready to emerge once again at this season’s MICAM! The Emerging Designers look forward to meeting dealers interested in new trends in hall 4E February 16 through 19, 2020.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1329)


In line with market trends and a growing demand on the part of buyers, the area dedicated to sports and outdoor shoes is back again

After its highly successful debut, the PLAYERS DISTRICT - the area specifically created inside MICAM Milano to provide the variegated world of outdoor and sports shoes with its own exclusive space - will be back at the forthcoming edition of the international trade show, to be held at the Fiera Milano from 16 to 19 February 2020.

The PLAYERS DISTRICT is a clear reflection of market trends which indicate that the sports footwear segment is expanding rapidly: in the first nine months of 2019 Italian families, in fact, spent 3.4% more on this type of shoe compared with the same period in 2018, for a total of 750 million Euros in value and 15.4 million pairs sold, +3.0% (source: Confindustria Moda - Italian Federation of Textiles, Fashion and Accessories- based on data from Sita Ricerca). A further consolidation, therefore, following an increase of over 5% in both expenditure and quantity recorded at the end of 2018. Along with sneakers, the sports sector is the only one to show an increase in sales on the domestic market, which has been undergoing a long period of stagnation.

Figures provided by the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat) regarding exports of Italian sports shoes are also positive: in the first 9 months of 2019, in fact, Italy exported 11.8 million pairs, amounting in value to 645.4 million Euros (with a tendential increase of 9.5% and 6.7% respectively). Extending the analysis to the European Union as a whole, according to Eurostat the 28 member States exported more than 200 million pairs (considering trade flows both within and outside the EU) in the same period, for a total of 6.3 billion Euros; this was in line with January-September 2018 levels, although trade flows towards non-EU countries showed an increase of 5.5% in volume and 15.3% in value.

Assocalzaturifici has been monitoring trends regarding this type of footwear for some time and has set up this area both to demonstrate the importance of this specific segment and provide manufacturers and buyers in the field with an exclusive area in which to do business. At the September edition of MICAM, when the Players District made its debut, sports shoes were in fact amongst the products most dealt-in at the fair, attracting 8.5% of buyers’ attention (in particular, amongst the visitors interested in this type of product, 34% were looking for men’s sports shoes and 40% for women’s).

Remaining in the field of sports and outdoor shoes, it is worth mentioning that 16% of interest in this segment was concentrated on “Trekking and outdoor footwear” (37% menswear and 37% womenswear).

As far as the business aspect is concerned, therefore, the next edition of the PLAYERS DISTRICT will once again undoubtedly represent an important vantage point from which to observe this constantly changing market, as well as providing all those in the trade, dealers and retailers, with a unique business opportunity.

Once again, the layout’s central feature will be The Arena, an area dedicated to demonstrating all the variegated types of sports footwear “in action”, through a series of performances and dynamic events perfectly in tune with the spirit of this commodity segment.

So, to recap: the not-to-be-missed appointment with the PLAYERS DISTRICT for dealers and companies operating in the sector is confirmed for the forthcoming edition of MICAM Milano, from 16 to 19 February 2020.

PLAYERS DISTRICT: where outdoor and sports shoes play the game!

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1324)
#micamtales are the new protagonists of the international shoe exhibition:
the theme for 2020 - “MICAM in Wonderland”

Creativity, dreams and genius: MICAM, the shoe industry’s leading international fair, is poised to transform the world of footwear into a fantasy universe imbued with the enchanted atmosphere of the world’s most famous fairytales.

The creative idea and direction were curated by the MM Company, with accounting by Laureri Associates, and the theme will accompany the trade show over the coming editions. MICAM’s #micamtales aim to portray the fantastic world of creativity through a collection of fairy-tales ‘to wear’, revisited in a contemporary key.

The concept will provide the setting for the numerous stories recounted by exhibitors, whose collections transform the trade-fair into the creative heart of the footwear world. To ensure the concept is clearly visualized, a different fairy-tale will be dedicated to each year, divided into two distinct parts: one in February (for the fair’s Autumn/Winter edition) and one in September (Spring/Summer).

The first fairy-tale of 2020 will be MICAM in Wonderland: a surreal transposition of the iconic fairy-tale based on the images taken by photographer Fabrizio Scarpa and directed by Daniele Scarpa.

At the core of the marketing campaign, made possible thanks to the contribution of the ITA (Italian Trade Agency) and MAECI, are sets featuring completely distorted volumes and perspectives, created by means of special wide-angle lenses that deform the figure. The sets include a host of elements and details – many of which are personalised, such as the famous “Eat me” biscuits, the “Drink me” bottles, sweets and playing cards – belonging to the imagery associated with the fairy-tale and here shuffled around, manipulated and then re-assembled: because nothing is as it appears. Behind the apparently muddled, topsy-turvy images, there is in actual fact a precise meaning, an order that on the surface appears to be lacking, just as in Alice’s Wonderland. Some of these objects will also accompany visitors inside the trade-fair venue, providing them with a real exhibit-experience.

The fairy-tale theme also makes use of a series of short video-stories that feature irony as their leitmotiv. Brief, fragmented excerpts which draw the public into the set and make the whole experience more immersive.

The poses and styling also contribute to creating a distortion of reality, highlighting the skewed perspectives and exaggerated graphics. The items of clothing and accessories chosen for the campaign are eccentric, exaggerated, voluminous.

Attentive as ever to the ideas of emerging designers, MICAM has chosen to use the creations of a select number of new young designers to pep up its new campaign even further. In particular, the stars of the 2020 “MICAM in Wonderland” edition will be the garments designed by Gianluca Alibrando, shoes produced by Les Petits Joueurs and the bags created by Benedetta Bruzziches.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1308)


From February 2020, a new event dedicated to sustainability, materials and trends, the future of retail makes its debut at MICAM

Milan, 16th December 2019 – A new format aimed at exploring the transformation taking place in the shoemaking industry, from avant-garde materials to the most revolutionary consumer trends and from sustainability to new retailing methods: the “Zero Edition” of MICAM “X” will make its debut at the forthcoming edition of MICAM, the international footwear exhibition, to be held from 16 to 19 February 2020.

In a symbolic and pivotal moment for the world and the industry, which is undergoing a significant transformation both as regards production processes and the whole ethos surrounding footwear (including the way it is perceived by the final consumer), MICAM “X” will provide the stage for the most innovative and high-tech products and ideas. Set up right in the heart of the fair, in the area in Pavilion 1 where the fashion parades and seminars are held, it will be an engaging and stimulating place for the general public at MICAM to discover the latest market trends, explore different fashion styles and learn about innovative materials, sustainability and the future of retail.

Presentations, workshops, special installations and other initiatives dedicated to innovation will be developed around three key themes for the industry: materials, sustainability and retail. A focal point, with guest speakers and innovative enterprises from all over the world, in which to explore the unknowns of the future (the “X”) and find the key to understanding the increasingly disruptive changes that are altering the rules of the game.

How are consumer/buying trends changing? What drives consumer choices? Micam “X” will be an immersive experience thanks to presentations, research work and materials that can be seen and touched.

Then there is the increasingly important issue of sustainability: a word around which new consumer influences and new business models are being created. But what does it actually mean, and how and to what extent can sustainability be achieved? How can we ensure we make informed and truly sustainable purchasing decisions? Micam “X” will offer an opportunity to hear authoritative opinions and to explore the issue in depth, providing those working in the industry with solid grounds on which to base their decisions.

With the development of increasingly advanced technology, distribution channels are also changing: brands and retailers engaged in this constantly evolving sector have to change their approach, adapting their offering and presence on the market to meet new styles and patterns of consumption. The technologies, prototypes, solutions and inspiration offered by Micam “X” will help to form the basis of new market strategies aimed at the consumer of the future.

MICAM’s new initiative aims to tackle this complex process of innovation in a responsible but also provocative way. MICAM “X” intends to be a format with a strong proactive personality, capable of growing, edition after edition, and making a significant contribution to the footwear sector. After the teaser in February, in fact, the first edition of Micam “X” will make its official debut in September 2020 with an even richer and more immersive program.

Ever attentive to new developments in the fashion and fashion accessories market, MICAM once again provides those operating in the industry with a unique opportunity to keep abreast of the changes taking place, while at the same time reaffirming its ability to constantly renew itself.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1296) 1

Official Sponsor of the MonteNapoleone Gala Dinner and organiser of a special meeting focusing on footwear trends, MICAM launches new initiatives targeting the vast Chinese market

Milan, 20th November 2019 - Not just a chance to present Italian brands to Chinese buyers, but a unique opportunity offering the Chinese market a complete overview of the international footwear industry.

MICAM Milano introduces two special initiatives targeting China: along with other brands representing Italian style and know-how, it will be an official sponsor of the MonteNapoleone Gala Dinner organised by the MonteNapoleone Fashion District on November 20 at Bulgari Hotel in Shanghai, while on November 21 it will be promoting a special open day for guests and press, offering them a complete preview of next season’s footwear trends and a surprising teaser hinting at what will be in store at the next Micam.

MICAM Milano is an international event promoted by Assocalzaturifici focusing on the footwear industry and the latest trends. It is held twice a year – in February and September – at Rho Fiera Milano.

“We’ve had a profitable relationship with the Chinese market for some time now,” says Siro Badon, Chair of Assocalzaturifici and MICAM Milano.

“China recognises the excellence of Italian-made footwear and has always sent plenty of buyers to our trade fairs in Italy. And that’s not all. Assocalzaturifici is also active in China, with a series of exclusive events building on-going dialogue between Italian footwear companies and Chinese buyers.
According to Confindustria Moda figures,” continues Badon, “Italian footwear exports to continental China in the first six months of the year were worth more than 155 million Euro, 13.8% more than the same period in the previous year. This positive trend is also reflected in exports to Hong Kong: Italy has exported a total of more than 2 million two hundred thousand pairs of shoes to China in the first six months 2019, worth 333 million Euro, up 12% over the same period in 2018”.

As well as being an official sponsor of the prestigious MonteNapoleone Gala Dinner, MICAM Milano will be promoting a special day at R.Manda in Shanghai, beginning with a morning presentation of a teaser of the eighty-ninth edition, scheduled for February 16 through 19, 2020 in Milan.

MICAM Milano’s vocation goes beyond the footwear business to include space for new expressions of style represented by talented young designers. This is why, both at the Bulgari Hotel during the Gala Dinner and at the MICAM teaser, there will be plenty of space dedicated to the collections of the selected emerging designers who will be appearing at MICAM this year, making their contribution to the complete overview of the evolution of the latest styles and rising stars in footwear design.

Style, trends, evolving creativity: MICAM Milano meets China, ready to offer the best of Italy and of the world of footwear to this attentive, highly receptive market, while preparing to welcome buyers from the great Asian nation in Milan February 16 through 19, 2020.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1288) 2


MICAM, the footwear industry’s key international trade event, reaffirms its role as a fashion forecaster thanks to research carried out by WGSN (an English agency specializing in trend scouting) on the trends expected to dominate next year’s autumn-winter season. Considered comfort, inspired by soft, comfortable materials for an indoor-outdoor look that pushes dress-code boundaries; Tech-tility, which focuses on the relationship between actual and virtual reality and uses tech materials and innovation to create futuristic accessories; Reconstructed Legacy, which looks to the past to find new solutions for the future, with a strong focus on sustainability.

1//Considered comfort



Considered Comfort explores the new relationship between fashion and the home: multi-purpose accessories are becoming more and more popular (just think about slippers, which are now considered ‘cool’ enough to wear outside), and comfort is paramount. We will be seeing a lot of soft, natural and tactile materials, and shapes that cocoon and cuddle. The concept of hybrid footwear will be explored, such as blending slipper shapes with something more premium, inspired by ballerina shoes.


Considered Comfort reflects a shift in customer expectations, with consumers becoming increasingly focused on their choice of clothing. Whether at home, at work or for an evening out, the important thing is to be comfortable and well-dressed. With the suit becoming more casual and streetwear more stylish, the result is a redefined concept of “informal elegance”. Active and athleisure trends continue to influence footwear: the by now ubiquitous hybrid shoes are updated with futuristic trims and pop-colour accents. Meanwhile, more traditional colours combined with modern styles create a look that has broad appeal and suits everyone.



The dividing lines between real and virtual, authentic and false, truth and fantasy are becoming increasingly blurred. Tech-tility explores the way the clothing industry approaches this issue. The more time we spend in front of the screen, the harder it is to distinguish between what is real and what is digital, and more importantly, we are not interested in understanding the difference. The colours will be those of the digital world, chosen as much as for how they appear on the screen as how they look in real life; innovation and high-tech materials will be at the centre of attention with ‘smart’ fabrics that respond to movement and regulate body temperature. This evolution will give our clothes a more fantastical look; just think of sportswear’s futuristic or gender-neutral styles, structured activewear that re-shapes the body or the conceptual outerwear and sneakers that wouldn’t look out of place on the moon.


In this new scenario, the everyday will become more extreme and tech more tactile: it’s time to rethink design conventions. Men’s fashions have always included a mix of different designs, and with its blend of real and virtual the Tech-tility trend stretches such concepts even further and becomes crucial for this market. While younger customers are now discovering tailoring, innovations in textiles and techniques will make even the most formal office attire easier and more comfortable to wear. The trend explores designs, materials and colours that stand out on video screens. Print stories are inspired by glitches and digital debris while iridescent dichroic details create ephemeral and otherworldly effects. Shoes with sporty trims explode with fluorescent colours, as a constant reminder of the trend’s “active” origins.

3//Reconstructed Legacy


In periods of instability, the past takes on an irresistible allure. Reconstructed Legacy explores how clothing will reinterpret the past in the light of the future, but in a more sustainable way. We can expect classic, preppy styles to be energised by a more edgy, even punky, streetwear look, with materials and details taken from the past and reinterpreted with tech fabrics and more modern shapes. Underpinning these new designs will be an intrinsic sense of value and history. The point will be to do better, and not more, because sustainability is becoming an increasingly urgent issue for all of us.


With the rise of the digital culture, as far as the fashion industry is concerned the past has always represented a stable point of reference in a continually changing world. But in 2021, even the traditions of the past will be brought up-to-date. Male consumers love buying products with a history and the Reconstructed legacy trend panders to this preference: classic models reworked to adapt to more modern life-styles that respect nature. Great attention is given to well-designed, familiar and eco-friendly accessories. The use of artisanal techniques not only for formal clothing but also luxury streetwear, gives the latter a timeless appeal and, potentially, turns it into a classic that will last forever.

1// Considered comfort




2// Tech-tility




3// Reconstructed Legacy




Milan, 4 November 2019

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1265) 3

The sector: the first 5 months saw an increase in the value of exports (+8.4%) and in the trade balance (+13.1%), but a fall in volumes (-0.4% in exports, -2.3% in production) with domestic consumption still sluggish in the first part of the year;

- A total of 1303 exhibitors, comprising 695 Italian and 608 foreign firms, will take part in the trade-fair;

- IT’S SHOE TIME: an exhibition to celebrate our 50th anniversary;

- Creativity and innovation: discovering young talents;

- Dynamism, technology and sport: debut of the PLAYERS DISTRICT;

- Trends and ideas: seminars and workshops for those engaged in the trade

A point of arrival that is, above all, a starting point: with the forthcoming edition, to be held at the Fiera Milano (Rho) from 15-18 September - the first under the supervision of the newly-appointed President Siro Badon - MICAM celebrates its fiftieth anniversary by offering all those engaged in the industry an exciting line-up of new events, activities and experiences.


The figures for the sector show a favourable export performance in terms of value (+8.4% in the first 5 months) and a double-digit increase in the trade surplus (+13.1%).
However, there remain serious concerns: shrinking volumes, an increasingly wide gap between large brands and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), difficulties on several major foreign markets and a chronically weak domestic consumption, which after a decade of slow erosion, in the first six months records a 3.7% drop in volume and -3.2% in household spending, with a sharp drop in in-store retail sales (-11% pairs sold, with an approximate 16% drop in expenditure), while online sales continue to grow (+10.3% in quantity and +17.3% in spending), and now accounts for 11% in terms of quantity and 13% in terms of expenditure of total purchases made by Italian households. Chain stores remain stable (stability in terms of volume and an increase of 2.3% in value).


A total of 1303 exhibitors - 695 Italian and 608 foreign companies – will be showcasing their collections for S/S 2020 at this special edition of the fair, which will cover an area of over 60,000 sqm.

Amongst the big names present this year are returning brands Nero Giardini, Alberto Guardiani and Nine West, and new entries North Sails, Hush Puppies and Donald Pliner. MICAM 88, the 50th anniversary edition, opens in a particularly delicate moment for a sector that generates a turnover of around 14.3 billion euros, employs more than 75,000 workers and exports 85% of its production.

“We are celebrating our fiftieth birthday by looking above all to the future – explains Siro Badon, president of Assocalzaturifici and MICAM – We will be recounting five decades of footwear history with an exhibition that will be set up first at the fair and then at Milan’s MUDEC, a gift to the fashion capital in the form of our history and tradition. But we are not only looking at the past: new creative ideas, start-ups, new values for the sector and original channels of communication are in fact the guidelines we need to follow in order to look forward to the next fifty years”.


The exhibition that celebrates MICAM’s fiftieth anniversary is an exciting and immersive digital story which traces the evolution of shoe fashions, shapes and colours over five decades and depicts footwear as a cultural and social phenomenon which, with its changing trends, colourful characters and inventive creations, is always at the centre of attention. It’s Shoe Time will be set up in Pavilion 1 where visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the world of footwear, decade after decade. After MICAM, the exhibition will move to MUDEC, Milan’s Museum of Cultures where it will be open to the public from 19 to 22 September, (with free entry): a ‘gift’ to a city which is at the heart of the international fashion system and which over the years has allowed MICAM to grow and establish itself as the leading event in one of the fashion world’s key sectors: footwear.


MICAM 88 will be dedicating ample space to several events that focus particularly on the industry’s prospects for the future and on the talented young people who are likely to become its leading lights in the coming years.

So the Emerging Designers are back once more to astound us with their creative and unusual designs, the original shapes of their models and their use of innovative materials. Starting with this edition, each designer will have the support of an Influencer, as part of an evolution that involves not only the product but also the way it is publicized and promoted. The emerging designers present at MICAM will be: Adult, Anna Baiguera, Annie Gestroemi, Andrea Mondin, Balluta, King Ping, Maison Ernest, Marie Weber, Me.Land, Panafrica, Paolo Ronga, Seven All Around.

The 12 Influencers flanking them: Camilla Agazzone, Giulia Calefato, Rita Capparelli, Francesca Chelli, Valeria Conte, Asia Corvino, Martina Favaro, Eros Grecu, Camilla Lucchi, Martina Panagia, Elisabetta Pistoni, Marianna Zuliani. After its debut at the last edition, the area dedicated to Italian Footwear startups, promoted by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) and the Ministry of Economic Development, will also be back in September (Fashion Square, pav. 1). The following companies were selected by Suitex International, an international recruitment firm specialising in fashion, to exhibit their collections: Ambleme, Federica Fasoli, Le Scarpe di Marta, Levius, Max Moore, Naglev, P448 Shoes, Samboue, Thomas Neuman.

Another event that is sure to be of great interest to those operating in the industry will be 26th edition of the international contest International Lab of Mittelmoda - The Fashion Award, in which the collections of 25 finalists representing 14 different nations will be shown on the catwalk. The event will be hosted by MICAM on Monday 16 September 2019, starting at 18.30, in the Fashion Square.

Still on the subject of the evolution of the fashion world from a communications point of view, three important Chinese influencers, Danso, HiyaSonya and Sarah, will be at MICAM to provide an exclusive coverage of the trade fair and present the newest and most innovative products on show primarily to an Asian audience.

Making its first appearance at MICAM is the PLAYERS DISTRICT, a brand-new area designed to provide the variegated world of outdoor and sports shoes with its own exclusive space.

With brands such as Lotto, Bjorn Borg, CMP, Dolomite, Joma Sport, Garmont and Skechers, the PLAYERS DISTRICT will liven up pavilion 7 with a preview of the most interesting novelties on the market, in an area inspired by the dynamism of the most exciting sporting events and designed to show off the wide variety of products offered by international brands to the best effect.

Within the new PLAYERS DISTRICT, a special area called The Arena will be set up, where DAMOVE’s thrilling performers and freestylers will take turns to show off their skills and where the first edition of the MICAM TROPHY – Football Edition, a 3 vs 3 soccer tournament with kit sponsored by Lotto, will take place Celebrity testimonial and world champion Gianluca Zambrotta will kick off the tournament on 15 September 2019 from 13.00 to 14.00.


We have joined up with an exceptional organization with the aim of helping fashion footwear professionals activate and measure the Voices that matter for their brand through a data analysis platform. Accordingly, a new event organised by Launchmetrics and entitled the State of Influencer Marketing 2019. Data, Insights & Panel Discussion on Influence in Fashion Today has been added to our line-up of fashion parades and WGSN seminars and workshops, and is scheduled for Sunday 15 at 16.45.


At MICAM a select number of top buyers taking part in the trade fair will have the opportunity to access the VIP Lounge, which will offer exclusive services such as a bar and restaurant, cloakroom, left-luggage storage, transportation to the city and airports, as well as the possibility of booking other facilities in the city.

The Lounge will be completely inspired by China: in its 88th edition MICAM has chosen to pick up on the Chinese tradition according to which 88 is a lucky number, and is pleased to extend this happy circumstance to all its most important guests by means of an elegant oriental setting.

In addition, on 17 September a select number of invitees will be able to take part in an exceptional event aimed at presenting the genius typical of our country through one of its main exponents: Leonardo Da Vinci.

With “Art reflects Beauty”, MICAM will commemorate 500 years since the death of Leonardo da Vinci and celebrate its own 50th anniversary, by offering its most important guests a private guided visit to Da Vinci’s Last Supper and an aperitif in Leonardo’s Vineyard.


Those in the fashion world who come to the Fiera Milano primarily to see what MICAM has to offer will also be able to visit two other important exhibitions taking place in adjacent pavilions: Mipel, the leading international show of leather goods and accessories will be held at the same time as MICAM, from 15 to 18 September, while HOMI Fashion&Jewels, the new event focusing on costume jewellery and fashion accessories, is scheduled for 13-16 September.

The next edition of MICAM 89 will be held from 16 to 19 February 2020 and PLUG-Mi the sneakers culture experience is waiting for you from 5 to 6 October 2019 in Pavilion 4 of the Fiera Milano City.

Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1254) 4

Shoe trends for Spring/Summer 2020 are inspired by three different themes: Designing Emotion which interprets the interaction between technology, craftsmanship and man; Code Create, a trend with a futuristic look that brings the physical and digital world closer together; Empower Up, the young trend that takes its inspiration from the punk culture or modern African culture.

Materials are of the finest quality and the colour palette is more varied than ever: pastel shades rub shoulders with livelier colours, while luminous nuances contrast sharply with more vibrant tones.

A preview of trends will be presented at the 88th edition of MICAM, to be held at Fiera Milano (Rho) from 15 to 18 September 2019.


Designing Emotion shows how technology and craftsmanship can work together to create models that valorise imperfections and forge a deeper sense of connection after purchase. The colour palette introduces a range of pastel shades with a contemporary twist, combined with warm brown tones in contrast to nuances typical of gemstones. In footwear, traditional techniques are used together with cutting-edge tools and machinery, while high-quality materials are a must. Modelled lasts play a key role in the creation of leading products.



Designing Emotion represents the interaction between human beings and technology, due to the fact that man is becoming more and more digital, and tech devices increasingly hands-on. The trend presents bright colours that evoke retro-style emotions and conjure up familiar materials. Earthy tones contrast with vibrant contemporary colours. Shoe designs favour organic shapes, with surfaces and colours that give a plain unfussy look. By using craft techniques alongside automated and laboratory processes, the aim is to improve and enhance traditional footwear.



Code Create presents a fusion of science, technology and nature, using futuristic materials to rewrite dress codes and accessory design conventions. The focus is on natural materials, combined with sustainable synthetic materials, to stimulate perception. In shoes, the colour palette features shades that evoke emotions. Bright colours stand out amongst the more usual, natural tones.



Nature and technology join forces to create new designs, materials and products that bring the physical and digital worlds closer. Code Create evokes shapes and bio-design techniques that draw on the best features of both trekking and bespoke shoes, creating a slightly mystical, futuristic look. The trend is influenced by both technology and nature, and the colour palette reflects this duality. Classic, natural tones contrast with artificial, almost digital colours.



There is a new sense of vitality and change in the air, entirely due to the presence of new generations and groups that previously had no voice. Empower Up is a young, optimistic trend, inspired by the growing influence of Generation Z. The footwear combines fun, eco-sustainable designs with exclusively summery capsule collections. This oversized trend features excessively kitsch embellishments combined with vintage elements. The colour palette is made up of bold and pre-faded colours, chosen from a range of mid-tones and shades of blue.



Empower Up takes a practical approach, celebrating the new voices in society and consumer participation in design. The punk influence is now more evident and runs counter to the beachy look. In footwear, high-quality materials and details are inspired by modern African culture. The trend expresses joy with bright, lively colours, and with a slightly faded quality inspired by sportswear, recalling vintage models of the 1980s’.

Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1253) 5



For the first time, the shoe fair is to feature a special area with leading brands and The Arena, a lively space with amazing performers.


They’re for everybody! Sports and outdoor shoes that are not just trendy but lifestyle as well. Dynamic footwear for fast urban living and high-performance shoes for those who take their sports seriously: the game becomes a challenge.
It is this running-jumping-playing world that inspired MICAM, the International Trade Show promoted by Assocalzaturifici, to set up the PLAYERS DISTRICT, a new area devoted to the variegated world of outdoor and sports shoes.

With brands such as Bjorn Borg, CMP, Dolomite, Joma Sport, Lotto, Skechers and many others, the exciting new PLAYERS DISTRICT will make its debut during the upcoming edition of MICAM, from 15 to 18 September. The area in pavilion 7 will provide a preview of the most interesting novelties on the market, in a space designed both to spotlight the wide variety of products offered by international brands and reflect the dynamism of the most exhilarating sporting events.

Visitors to MICAM will be able to admire the visionary design of both niche and mainstream models, inspired by the performances of the great sporting champions: and more thrills are in store for them in The Arena, a special are
a set up inside the PLAYERS DISTRICT, where a series of performances and events will be held to give body and shape to the movements used in sport and which only the most high-tech shoes are capable of turning into legendary victories.

With PLAYERS DISTRICT, MICAM adds a new feature and, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, shows once again that it is capable of looking ahead, towards evolving trends and the most promising market niches in Italy and the rest of the world.

The future of footwear is a wide-open match, in which everyone has to roll up their sleeves and really get involved, and from 15 to 18 September, MICAM is ready once again to play its part.

PLAYERS DISTRICT: where outdoor and sports shoes come into play!

Milan, 17 July 2019

Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1252) 6

– The Fashion Award 2019”

MICAM Milano, the world’s leading footwear show, will host a fashion show featuring the 25 collections shortlisted in the contest held for students from 14 countries. Two Overall Prizes and eight Special Prizes will be awarded.

The 25-year-old contest is organised in partnership with Confindustria Moda this year, in addition to the traditional support of Fondazione Industrie Cotone e Lino, the trade association of Italy’s cotton and linen industries, and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. Lectra is the contest’s Main Sponsor.

Milan, 25 July 2019. 25 collections from all over the world have been shortlisted for the 26th International Lab of Mittelmoda - The Fashion Award contest, culminating on Monday, 16 September 2019 starting at 18:00 at MICAM, the world's leading footwear show, which celebrates its 50th birthday this year.

The prestigious location of MICAM was chosen under a new partnership that International Lab of Mittelmoda formed this year with Confindustria Moda, the federation of trade associations representing Italy’s textiles, fashion and accessories industries - including Assocalzaturifici, the promoter of MICAM.
Confindustria Moda has begun a strategic partnership with Mittelmoda The Fashion Award under an agreement signed recently by Confindustria Moda Chair Claudio Marenzi and International Lab of Mittelmoda Chair Matteo Marzotto.
The agreement states that the contest will in the future focus increasingly on students of fashion design and other essential professions in the industry which are often less visible and less appreciated, but are nonetheless essential for maintaining the quality characteristic of ”beautiful and well-made” Italian shoes.
The finalists in the 26th edition of the international contest were selected in May by a panel of judges chaired by Matteo Marzotto and including experts in the field, managers of the style offices of various companies supporting the initiative and representatives of Confindustria Moda and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. The difficult task of analysis, research and assessment of more than 400 entries from all over the world concluded with the selection of 25 finalists representing fully 14 nations.

The 25 talents selected to go on to the final phase in the competition will be judged by the severe panel of judges on Monday, 16 September, and at 18:00 they will present their collections before an audience of fashion reporters, experts and enterprises in a big Fashion Show.

The prize-winning collections will be announced in an awards ceremony at the end of the fashion show.

Alongside the two traditional Overall Prizes (one for Creativity and one for Innovation), the established “Premio Lectra” - presented by the main sponsor of the event – and the “Dondup Prize”, back once again this year and dedicated to sustainability, new Special Prizes will be awarded, including the “Womenswear – menswear Prize”, presented by Sistema Moda Italia; the “Shoes&Bags Prize”, offered by Micam/Mipel; the “Textile&Materials Prize”, presented by MilanoUnica; the “Accessories Prize”, awarded by Mido; and the “Knitwear Prize”, offered by Benetton Group. The new “TheOneSeasonless Prize” will be presented by TheOneMilano.


Claudio Marenzi – Confindustria Moda Chair
“The Federation's goals definitely include supporting and encouraging the education of highly specialised professionals throughout the Italian Fashion System. In today’s industry, where demand for technical know-how is greater than ever, the Fashion Industry we represent intends to play an important role in training new professionals. The goal of our partnership with Mittelmoda is identifying new talents, whose skills will represent the vital lymph of a sector that proudly continues to play a key role as one of our country’s most important assets.”

Matteo Marzotto – International Lab of Mittelmoda Chair
“There’s no better way we could celebrate the 26th edition of The Fashion Award, the international contest held by Mittelmoda, than with MICAM Milano, in the year of the event’s 50th anniversary.

A big thanks to the MICAM Milano Chair and General Manager for his support, and to the entire Confindustria Moda Board of Directors and Chair, who are once again at our side with their teams and all their member associations.

A splendid initiative in a system intended to make the most of young talents and support the best Italian craftsmanship and excellence.”


A non-profit association founded and guided by the principal institutions in the Italian fashion industry (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Fondazione Industrie Cotone 3 Lino, Confindustria Moda), International Lab of Mittelmoda has been holding  the international contest known as Mittelmoda The Fashion Award for 26 years, and works in collaboration with a number of companies that share its mission.
Mittelmoda The Fashion Award is one of the world’s best-known and most sought-after fashion contests. First held in 1993, it has developed an international network of contacts including more than 680 fashion design schools in 68 countries, offering a concrete opportunity for dialogue and discussion for creative artists all over the world who want to work with fashion companies, focusing on the beautiful and the well-made: intrinsic properties of Italian-made fashions.

International Lab of Mittelmoda is an independent non-profit organisation, which means it can support both creativity and craftsmanship and the launch on the market of new projects and products: from materials and fabrics to clothing, knitwear and accessories (bags, shoes, eyewear….) and jewellery, offering a meeting-point and a place for discussing ideas, proposals, innovations and creations with representatives of companies in the fashion system, the international press, a specialised audience, teachers, students and emerging talents in fashion.

Confindustria Moda (Federazione Italiana Tessile, Moda e Accessorio, Italy’s federation of the textiles, fashion and accessories industries) brings together members of SMI (Sistema Moda Italia), ASSOPELLETTIERI, AIP (the Italian Fur Association), ANFAO (the National Association of Manufacturers of Optical Articles), ASSOCALZATURIFICI, FEDERORAFI (the National Federation of Goldsmiths, Silversmiths and Jewellery-makers) and UNIC (the National Union of the Tannery Industry).

It represents about 67 thousand Italian enterprises with a total turnover of almost 95 billion euros who employ more than 580 thousand workers. Confindustria Moda member companies represent outstanding Italian craftsmanship and lead the international markets; in 2018 their exports accounted for more than 66% of turnover.

Confindustria Moda has been fully operative since 2018 in its new offices in Milan, where it brings together all its member associations and trade events.

The Federation offers member associations consulting services in the areas of legal affairs and industrial relations and a study office.

Claudio Marenzi, CEO of Herno and past president of Sistema Moda Italia, was elected the first Chair of Confindustria Moda.

The footwear industry’s leading international trade fair, MICAM, promoted by Assocalzaturifici, is a one-of-a-kind event with over 2000 footwear collections at each edition, successfully melding business and fashion. The event takes place in Milan twice a year, in February and September, in the Fiera Milano Rho trade fair district. It showcases the autumn/winter and spring/summer collections for the following year, respectively.

The trade fair covers about 63,000 sqm of display space and hosts about 1,400 exhibitors in each edition, including more than 600 international exhibitors from 30 different countries.

MICAM is the landmark event for footwear industry professionals from all over the world.

With 45,000 certified visitors to every edition, half of whom come from about 130 foreign countries, MICAM confirms its role as a privileged stage for the promotion of new collections and a decisive business opportunity for establishing concrete new contacts.

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