MICAM Milano - Digital Show Powered by NuORDER is here: a business tool to enhance the value of the physical event

Every crisis brings an opportunity: the digital transformation of services and business relations in many different sectors is one of the phenomena that have offered enterprises the greatest opportunities for growth in the complex world scenario of the past few months. In only a short time, numerous forms of business have made the transition from the physical to the virtual dimension with online spaces accessible from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

MICAM Milano, the international footwear trade show scheduled for Fiera Milano Rho September 20 through 23 2020 which always keeps up with the latest trends on the market, responds to this scenario with a bold, revolutionary decision. The result is MICAM Milano Digital Show, powered by NuORDER, a new digital environment centring around the trade show, created under an agreement with the NuORDER platform offering online support for participating companies’ business and promotional initiatives.

“Micam is an essential event for supporting a crucial sector of Italian industry and economy,” explains MICAM and Assocalzaturifici Chair Siro Badon. “The world’s biggest footwear trade fair maintains the link between manufacturers and buyers. At a time like this when we have few certainties, MICAM has a key role to play in getting the business started again and permitting international expansion of the enterprises that have always participated in the event.
Our survey found that more than 64% of these buyers intend to come to MICAM and more than 50% plan to spend two or more days there, primarily in order to meet exhibitors, but also to identify new suppliers and draw inspiration from seminars on themes of particular relevance today.
We are focusing in particular on MICAM Milano and the acceleration of its digital b2b channels, which support companies in the shift toward more efficient management of their customer portfolio while broadening their horizons for acquiring new customers all over the world. This is why we and our partner NuORDER have created the MICAM Milano Digital Show”.


Much more than a portal or online catalogue, MICAM Milano Digital Show is a true “augmented trade fair” that uses digital technologies to add to the opportunities offered by the physical trade fair.

In partnership with NuORDER, a world leader in the field of digital business platforms, MICAM showcases its exhibitors’ product ranges for buyers all over the world: a single click takes you into a whole new world waiting to be discovered, a continually evolving network you can join at a truly competitive cost.

“Global scope, innovation and networking characterize MICAM Milano Digital Show, anticipating the events to be held during the trade fair and continuing to offer the opportunities it provides after the physical trade fair is over,” explains Tommaso Cancellara, CEO of MICAM. “Buyers will be able to benefit from the potential contacts already present in the NuORDER platform, whose community is made up of 500,000 retailers, and acquire new tools for sales in the digital world. Our goal is to have two physical events per year (four if you consider MICAM Americas) with a digital presence 365 days of the year. MICAM will be in very good company, continuing its strategic partnership with Informa Group to allow buyers to find on the platform not only MICAM Milano and MICAM Americas but also the American fairs Magic, Project, and Coterie, creating a virtual portfolio of the most important fairs in the fashion business.”

“We are excited to partner with the global leader for the footwear industry to power the digital trade show,” says Heath Wells, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of NuORDER. “MICAM responded quickly to address the needs of the industry to ensure the critical connection between brands and retailers. NuORDER’s leading platform allows for end-to-end connection, from product searches to order placement, all in the same system. Our partnership marks a defining moment in the industry solving real customer needs at a critical time. This is the beginning of a new era for fashion markets and the standard for product searches and commerce moving forward.”


NuORDER is the leading wholesale eCommerce platform. Brands use NuORDER to deliver a seamless, more collaborative sale process, where buyers can browse products, plan assortments and make smarter buys in real-time. The NuORDER platform was engineered with flexibility and scale. It empowers businesses of all sizes with enterprise-level technology. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California with offices globally and in Milan, NuORDER connects more than 2,000 premium brands and 500,000 retailers, helping them grow and win together.

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MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1414)

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Every Thursday, our guests will talk about the changes taking place
in the footwear industry both as regards production processes
and the philosophy surrounding them: sustainability, the future of retail, inspiration, tradition and fashion trends.





MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1414)


Homespun, rustic minimalism combined with the values of tradition, TransForm, hope beyond the crisis and harmonization of opposites and GameScape, a nostalgic trip back to the games of the 80s and the union between real and virtual, represent the trends that will characterize the Spring-Summer 2021 Season. The trends have been elaborated by WGSN for MICAM, the International Footwear Fair, whose next edition will be held from 20 to 23 September 2020 at Fiera Milano Rho.

HomeSpun – Women/Girls

HomeSpun is based on a new form of rustic minimalism, with women’s designs that put the accent on the values of ‘slowness’, sustainability and handcrafts.
Returning to slow methodical craftsmanship and the art of making, appealing to discerning minimalists who value slowness in an increasingly fast-paced world.
This will mean an increase in Repurposing as consumers start to shop more consciously.
Neutral and natural tones prevail, inspired by nature’s rich, tawny browns and grassy greens, and looks to the sky for moody blues and washed-out purple hues.
Workwear, both agricultural and traditional, inspires a new bucolic style.
For footwear, the stress is on natural materials and a high level of craftsmanship. Leather detailing and daisy chains are a feature.

HomeSpun – Men/Boys

HomeSpun embraces a slower approach to fashion, and re-examines our relationship with clothing, observing how concepts of minimalism, vintage and resale change the lifecycle of the products we consume.
This theme's sophisticated materials, relaxed fits, and utility details offer plenty of design opportunities.
This is a palette of soft natural tones, inspired by the imperfect look of organic dyes. There are numerous tonal combinations, but there is also room for contrast, with a mix of warm, bright, and cool tones. Handcrafted elements such as tooled metals, intricate weaving methods, embroidery, and hand-painted motifs will be key, and give designs a unique quality.
In footwear, appliques are given a waxy finish, in harmony with #minimalist silhouettes.

TransForm – Women/Girls

TransForm explores design at a time of global crisis, looking for light at the end of the tunnel, resulting in a modernist trend that draws on both city-dwelling and seafaring themes.
Focusing on all-black styling, tough skins, and a survivalist aesthetic.
Darker subcultural narratives such as magic and witchcraft will pave the way for a romantic look tinged with a hint of disquiet.
Yet even within this dark-souled trend, we will also see contrasting focus on light sheer fabrics and ethereal metallics for a style with minimalist lines.
TransForm balances sombre themes with a sense of optimism, which is reflected in a palette of darks and lights. Blues and greens are inspired by the ocean, while glimmers of silvery tones are inspired by precious metals, and can be used to give designs an ethereal quality.
Contrast is key. It’s imperative to play with layers, revisit natural tones.
For footwear, stacked chunky soles and a strong utility theme will continue to gain relevance.

TransForm – Men/Boys

TransForm sees menswear move between opposites, just as our vision for the future teeters between the good and bad achievements of humanity. In this direction, designs reconcile technology with nature, and balance a need for light with a fascination for the darker side of life and art.
This style takes office wear into the future and embraces sportswear materials, resulting in sophisticated and high-performance items that are smart and casual at the same time and can be worn every day.
Ultra-lightweight materials and constructions will be a key look for summer.
So we will be seeing plenty of sheer fabrics and photo collage clothing.
Colours move from light to dark – and artificial to natural – in this palette of contrasts, with a complex balance between colour tones.
Focuses on oceanic tones with an artificial edge, such as Quiet Wave and Tranquillity Blue, enriched with even darker colours.

GameScape – Women/Girls

GameScape remixes elements from the past, present and future through a virtual lens, and sees digital design gain importance, as our online and offline lives become more enmeshed.
References to 1980s video games and sportswear combine to create a new hyper-digital uniform that can be used to update both smart and casual styles.
It explores the mundanities of everyday life for graphics and apparel, focusing on a satirical and kitsch edge that ramps up the #newfemininity trend for ultra-loud ultra-feminine designs.
The bold tones of offset printing feature alongside an austere palette of greys and neutrals. Clinical greens, digital pastels, and pops of bright colour are key.
A new look is created with digital hyperreal florals, in line with the re-emergence of photographic prints.
For sneakers, we expect to see fluorescent and projection prints.

GameScape – Men/Boys

As our online and real-life existences become more and more intertwined, we will see growing cross-pollination between the two, with digital becoming increasingly important.
A virtual presence is established online through creative collaborations, tapping into the growing popularity of e-Sports and gaming.
The 1980s are seen as the cultural and aesthetic dawn of digital culture, and used to connect with a hacker's mindset.
Colours in this trend have a saturated and artificial edge, designed to appeal on screen as much as they will in real life. These are grounded on a selection of neutral core tones, which provide a base layer of sophistication, and offer optimal contrast with bright digital colours.
To drive home the #gamergraphics message, slogans need to be added and proportions played with. Digital glitch-inspired prints update sneaker profiles. Maximalism is the key here, expressed through footwear in bold optical colours.

#micam #micamtales #strongertogether

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1410)

The event is confirmed for September 20-23
at Fiera Milano Rho

Organisation of the world’s most important footwear show is proceeding. MICAM survey: 80% of footwear makers have suffered directly from the impact of the emergency, but the industry is determined to start again. 75% of the Italian and international companies surveyed see the trade fair as a key to relaunching the industry.

Assocalzaturifici and MICAM Chairman Siro Badon

Milan, 21 May 2020 - The desire to start again, aware that recovery will be a complex, gradual process, with a focus on MICAM, scheduled for September 20 through 23 at Fiera Milano Rho, as an important opportunity to get the industry going again. This is the feeling among footwear companies and buyers surveyed by the International Footwear Show to find out what the sector needs at this crucial time.

“MICAM is essential for supporting a crucial sector of the Italian economy,” says Assocalzaturifici and MICAM Chairman Siro Badon. “The world’s biggest footwear trade fair supports connections between manufacturers and buyers. While alternative opportunities for maintaining business relations have been developed over the past few months, meeting at the trade fair still represents the most important opportunity for growth on the market and a privileged way of negotiating orders. Our companies have adapted right away with health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of contagion, and the same methods may be applied to guarantee safety at the trade fair. We absolutely need to offer our member companies some certainty at a time when they are suffering from the economic repercussions of the emergency. Without hope on the horizon, they feel like they are in a tunnel with no way out. Confirming MICAM is the best response to the current doubts on the market”.

CEO Tommaso Cancellara

“At a time of great uncertainty in our industry due to the global medical emergency, we have asked footwear companies and buyers what they need and we are ready to help them get started again,” says Tommaso Cancellara, MICAM CEO and Assocalzaturifici General Manager. “This is why the next MICAM will be particularly important, drawing on a new awareness and additional suggestions inspired by dialogue with Italian and international companies. Operations are already under way to prepare for the September edition, which will be a very important event for everyone, re-establishing bonds with the market and creating new opportunities in perfect safety. We’re negotiating and defining a commercial agreement with one of the world’s key players in digital services, to offer all MICAM exhibitors a new b2b digital sales channel. We will be unveiling the details in the weeks to come”.

The traditional MICAM survey aimed at understanding the market and offering targeted services for exhibitors at the next edition has taken on particular importance as a key tool for dialogue with the industry during the medical emergency. The image of the footwear industry that emerges from the survey is one of a sector that is highly sensitive to international trends but not new to battles against local or global crises, and is once again ready to get back to work and respond to new business opportunities.


The difficulties of the current situation are clearly illustrated in the interviewees’ statements. Almost all respondents (over 80%) report that they have suffered directly as a result of the current emergency, and more than 90% of them have seen their order portfolio reduced, paralysing production for more than 60% of companies and effectively making it impossible to show the new collections to potential buyers.

But this dark picture has not stopped Italy’s footwear manufacturers, who are ready to get going again and win back the market share they have lost in recent months. 48% of them believe things will start looking up in September, while the other 52% expect sales to recover within the year.

Along with the difficulties, however, there are also plenty of drivers of change, necessarily involving use of digital tools at the present time to boost sales and respond to the near-total global lockdown. While the majority of companies (more than 60%) is oriented toward sending buyers pictures of their collections by e-mail, 39% already had digital tools at their disposal (such as internet sites), while 31% used social networks to reach customers and 15% have introduced new platforms for their businesses or used other digital tools during the crisis. MICAM is working in this direction, aiming to offer exhibitors a new distribution channel in September thanks to the partnership with one of the world’s most important platforms for digital services.


In this complicated context, participation in MICAM is seen as essential by both Italian and international footwear companies in order to give concrete form to the new start of business: about 75% of interviewees reported they were certain or likely to be participating in the September event. Some are requesting logistical and financial assistance for participation in the event, but most respondents emphasise the need for actions aimed at guaranteeing health and safety and the fact that the success of the trade fair depends on the buyers who attend.
And it is precisely in order to welcome buyers in the best possible way and offer incentives for them to attend that MICAM – in partnership with Fiera Milano – is working on a protocol containing measures guaranteeing the utmost safety for exhibitors and visitors, in line with the new standards that will apply to business meetings from now on.

 MICAM at Fiera Milano Rho September 20 through 23, 2020

#micam #micamtales #strongertogether

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1406)


After the health emergency the international footwear fair gets ready to tackle the recovery phase alongside footwear companies, the event’s new brand image kick-starts the organisational machinery

Milano, the world’s leading footwear fair, starts to prepare for the coming edition to be held at the Rho trade-fair centre from 20 to 23 September, with the aim of providing an opportunity for the industry to get restarted after a difficult period for the world’s economy.

While the fair organisers work to prepare a prestigious event that will hopefully provide both Italian and foreign footwear companies with a springboard to recovery, following the difficult period the whole sector has gone through during the health emergency, the creative concept behind MICAM’s brand image for 2020 continues to be developed.

In this way, the second chapter in the #micamtales series, dedicated this year to MICAM in Wonderland, also becomes a sign that the event does not stop, and that it intends to go on providing those in the footwear market with important business and trade opportunities. The protagonist of the fairy-tale we were introduced to in February reappears once again in the September edition, at the centre of a series of curious events that take place in an enchanted garden: a tea drunk in the company of a white rabbit, a party that goes awry despite the fervid preparations, or a bizarre attempt to paint white roses red.

The creative idea for the September campaign was once again curated by the MM Company, with accounting by Laureri Associates, and features photos taken by Fabrizio Scarpa and a series of three short video-stories directed by Daniele Scarpa which use irony as their leitmotiv.

Over the coming weeks the fair will confirm a number of other new initiatives for the September edition aimed at sustaining the sector, while in these difficult months Assocalzaturifici has never stopped listening and supporting the Italian footwear companies.

The appointment, then, is for the Wonder Garden at MICAM Milano 90: an event geared to helping dealers and manufacturers be better prepared to meet the new challenges facing the footwear market, to move forward and contribute to its growth together.

#micam #micamtales #strongertogether

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1381)
Great interest shown by dealers and the foreign press in MICAM Americas, to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from 17 to 19 August 2020

Milan 19 February 2020

Today, the 89th edition of MICAM, the International Footwear Show promoted by Assocalzaturifici, came to a close. The trade-fair recorded a slight drop (-5%) in the numbers of visitors who, over the four-day event, were able to peruse the wide range of products exhibited by 1205 companies (628 Italian and 577 foreign).

As Siro Badon, Chair of MICAM and Assocalzaturifici, commented: “The contraction we expected was confirmed. We saw a drop in the number of Asian buyers and a slowdown in British visitors due to transport difficulties - caused, as far as the former are concerned, by the public health emergency and, as regards the latter, by the extreme weather conditions. There was also a slight decrease in German buyers who are going through a difficult economic period. A scenario which is counterbalanced by an increase in buyers from Russia and the CSI area thanks to the support of the Italian Trade Agency (ITA). We had a number of high-profile buyers and visitors who showed real interest in the innovative products presented by our exhibitors and, in particular, in the high-quality Italian collections”.

“The Italian fashion industry works increasingly in synergy, as a ‘system’, - stresses Tommaso Cancellara CEO of MICAM-, and the fact that, in the lead-up to Fashion Week, MICAM coincides with a number of other trade fairs provides foreign buyers with increased business opportunities, enabling them to discover the very best of made-in-Italy in just ten days in Milan”.

In 2019, the footwear sector recorded an increase in both exports (+ 6.8%, amounting in value terms to a record figure of over ten billion euros) and the trade balance (+ 10.3%), against a slowdown in production (-3.1% in quantity).

One of the new-entries at this edition that proved most popular with the public was MICAM X, the area dedicated to the most innovative and technologically advanced ideas and products.
Here buyers were able to enjoy a packed schedule of seminars and fashion parades bringing them up-to-date with the latest developments in the sector, including fashion trends, new materials, sustainability and the future of retail.

Social and environmental sustainability represented one of the key themes at the heart of other successful initiatives, such as The Garden, a space dedicated to respect for the environment, and the iKids Square, which hosted the Wonder Dolls. The limitededition dolls made by the artist Allison Hoffmann were sold out in the first few days of the event, with proceeds going towards projects run by Humana People to People Italia to improve primary school education in Malawi.

The world of sports and outdoor shoes was spotlighted in the Players District, a lively, dynamic area hosting exhilarating performances by freestyle entertainment professionals. The attention of visitors was also drawn to the Emerging Designers area, showcasing the creations of 12 young up-and-coming designers selected by a panel of experts, and to the area dedicated to Italian Footwear Startup, promoted by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) and the Ministry of Economic Development, in collaboration with Suitex International which selected eight companies to exhibit their products.

The announcement of the first edition of MICAM Americas, scheduled to take place from 17 to 19 August 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center was met with great interest on the part of both dealers and the foreign press. The exhibition, created in partnership with Informa Markets, takes the place of FN Platform as the biggest event dedicated to footwear in the USA and will provide the global footwear community with a new place in which to get together and do business.

MICAM will be back again at the Fiera Milano from 20 to 23 September 2020 to present the S/S 2021 collections.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1373)

MICAM continues to grow, now making its debut on American soil with a new event partnership with MAGIC -- designed to create a strong bond between the trade-fair brand and buyers operating in the American market.

In fact, the very first edition of MICAM Americas, an international event entirely dedicated to the American market, is due to be held at the Convention Center in Las Vegas from 17 to 19 August 2020. It will succeed FN PLATFORM as the largest footwear event in the USA and brings together the global footwear community.

Produced in partnership with Informa Markets, an international exhibition organiser which has in its portfolio over 550 B2B events representing industries in various sectors, MICAM Americas will be held in conjunction with MAGIC and PROJECT, the most important fashion trade show in the USA, offering dealers from all over the world an unprecedented business and training opportunity.

“By joining up with MAGIC, MICAM will be creating a new business opportunity, thanks to the organisational experience of two already successful and well-established trade fairs – says Siro Badon, Chair of MICAM and Assocalzaturifici – For this reason we are happy to extend the MICAM brand and to be able to meet the American fashion community, thanks to the creation of MICAM Americas and our partnership with Informa Markets.

There is no doubt that the possibilities this new event offers are of considerable interest to our Italian manufacturers as well – continues Badon – In fact, as far as exports are concerned, the United States represent the fourth largest market for Italian-made footwear and in the first 10 months of 2019 exports grew substantially, both in terms of value (+11% compared with the previous year) and average price (+14%), with over 2 million 300 thousand pairs of Made-in-Italy shoes entering the country”. (Data: Confindustria Moda for Assocalzaturifici).

Leslie Gallin, President Footwear, Informa Markets Fashion, said “MAGIC has grown the footprint for the footwear industry in the United States. This new partnership forges a powerful global footwear community, servicing our customers with more access to trends, education and business opportunities.”

Thanks to the wealth of experience accumulated by the world’s leading footwear tradefair and to the synergy with America’s best-known fashion trade show, MICAM Americas will in fact offer the community a new opportunity for coming into contact with the most prestigious international brands interested in the US market.

The appointment with MICAM Americas is at Las Vegas Convention Center, from 17 to 19 August 2020, in conjunction with MAGIC and PROJECT.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1372)
#micamtales are the new protagonists of the international shoe exhibition: the theme for 2020 - “MICAM in Wonderland”

Creativity, dreams and genius: MICAM, the shoe industry’s leading international fair, is poised to transform the world of footwear into a fantasy universe imbued with the enchanted atmosphere of the world’s most famous fairytales. The creative idea and direction were curated by the MM Company, with accounting by Laureri Associates, and the theme will accompany the trade show over the coming editions. MICAM’s #micamtales aim to portray the fantastic world of creativity through a collection of fairy-tales ‘to wear’, revisited in a contemporary key.

The concept will provide the setting for the numerous stories recounted by exhibitors, whose collections transform the trade-fair into the creative heart of the footwear world. To ensure the concept is clearly visualized, a different fairy-tale will be dedicated to each year, divided into two distinct parts: one in February (for the fair’s Autumn/Winter edition) and one in September (Spring/Summer).

The first fairy-tale of 2020 will be MICAM in Wonderland: a surreal transposition of the iconic fairy-tale based on the images taken by photographer Fabrizio Scarpa and directed by Daniele Scarpa.

At the core of the marketing campaign, made possible thanks to the contribution of the ITA (Italian Trade Agency) and MAECI, are sets featuring completely distorted volumes and perspectives, created by means of special wide-angle lenses that deform the figure. The sets include a host of elements and details – many of which are personalised, such as the famous “Eat me” biscuits, the “Drink me” bottles, sweets and playing cards – belonging to the imagery associated with the fairy-tale and here shuffled around, manipulated and then re-assembled: because nothing is as it appears. Behind the apparently muddled, topsy-turvy images, there is in actual fact a precise meaning, an order that on the surface appears to be lacking, just as in Alice’s Wonderland. Some of these objects will also accompany visitors inside the trade-fair venue, providing them with a real exhibit-experience.

The fairy-tale theme also makes use of a series of short video-stories that feature irony as their leitmotiv. Brief, fragmented excerpts which draw the public into the set and make the whole experience more immersive.

The poses and styling also contribute to creating a distortion of reality, highlighting the skewed perspectives and exaggerated graphics. The items of clothing and accessories chosen for the campaign are eccentric, exaggerated, voluminous.

Attentive as ever to the ideas of emerging designers, MICAM has chosen to use the creations of a select number of new young designers to pep up its new campaign even further. In particular, the stars of the 2020 “MICAM in Wonderland” edition will be the garments designed by Gianluca Alibrando, shoes produced by Les Petits Joueurs and the bags created by Benedetta Bruzziches.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1371)

Vision, opportunities, creativity: there will be plenty of interesting content at MICAM X, the new MICAM area, premièring this year, dedicated to the future-direction of innovation, sustainability and research.

At such a symbolic and decisive time for the footwear industry, which is going through profound changes as regards production processes and the very concept of footwear (also in the perception of end consumers), MICAM “X” - at the very heart of the fair, in the fashion shows and seminars area of Pavilion 1 - sets the stage for the coming season’s most innovative and technological proposals.

Here, the MICAM audience will enjoy an immersive experience, discovering the latest market trends in terms of style, research in materials, sustainability and the future of retail.

Speakers from all over the world (New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, M.I.T., Tuft University Boston and many more) will take the stage, offering their contribution and inspiring the audience at three workshops epitomising the innovations of MICAM X:

- ART, FASHION, HERITAGE AND FUTURE: from retail to product design (16 February, 14:00)

- THE FUTURE OF RETAIL (17 February, 11:00)

- CSR&SUSTAINABILITY (18 February, 14:00)

The MICAM X area will also feature a number of WGSN workshops devoted to the latest trends and inspirations underpinning the coming season’s offering, and others, organised by Lineapelle, on the most striking innovations and on the industry’s continuous evolutions in terms of materials, especially leather. The area will also include the MICAM fashion shows, highlighting - through the models paraded - the trends identified by WGSN.

A concrete contribution to the development of new corporate communication strategies, especially in social and digital terms, comes from MICAM PhotoLab (Pavilion 2 R23), an initiative organised in collaboration with EPHOTO, through which companies will be able to avail of expert photographers to produce still lifes of their models.

Sustainability is a key issue of the X-Ray Fashion Virtual Reality Experience (Pavilion 1 H22) dedicated to the documentary of the same name produced by film director Promoted by: Via Alberto Riva Villasanta, 3 I-20145 Milano Telephone +39 02 43829.1 press@themicam.com www.themicam.com Francesco Carrozzini. This experience immerses viewers in the contradictions of the fashion industry, underscoring the urgent need to move towards a paradigm of sustainable fashion.

The MICAM X fashion show “Elements of sustainability”, produced in collaboration with Piattaforma Formativa Sistema Moda, will also centre on sustainability and training. During the event, the student projects of 15 schools will offer food for thought on opportunities for sustainable fashion.

Training the younger generations lies at the heart of a special interactive talk, involving entrepreneurs, young people and schools, scheduled to take place at 11:20 on 18 February.

The meeting forms part of the Open Your Mind campaign - promoted by the European Commission within the framework of the Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME) and launched by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME) and by DG GROW (the Commission's Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs) - designed to attract young talents aged 14 to 30 to the textile, clothing, leather and footwear industries.

MICAM X sets out to unveil the scenarios that lie ahead for the accessories market, becoming a key means for companies, workers and trend-setters to keep up-to-date and reflect on the future of the industry. For details of the MICAM X meetings and fashion shows, please see the full schedule of events.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1370)


• New layout: focus on sustainability

• Players District: the game continues

• Emerging designers and Startups: spotlight on young talent

• From accessories to the supply chain: concurrent trade fairs

MICAM Milano returns to the Fiera Milano from 16 to 19 February 2020 and, with its new MICAM in Wonderland communication campaign, embarks on a new edition chock-a-block with novelties.

The main features of the International Footwear Fair’s forthcoming February 2020 edition will be a renewed and even more dynamic layout, with a strong focus on innovation, trends and sustainability, without neglecting new creative talents.

“The digitalisation of production processes, an awareness of the issues of sustainability in the fashion supply chain, and the need to train and attract professional figures with up-to-date skills into our companies – these are the three issues that are changing the footwear industry all over the world – observes Siro Badon, Chair of Assocalzaturifici and MICAM – For this reason, from this edition onwards, we are going to focus strongly on the changes taking place in every sector of the industry, providing dealers and companies with concrete answers, identifying the best practices to follow and turning the spotlight on creative and productive businesses that have distinguished themselves thanks to their ability to look ahead and project themselves into the future”.

MICAM 89 will be attended by 1205 exhibitors, including 628 Italian and 577 foreign companies, who will be presenting a preview of their collections for F/W 2020-2021. Amongst the big names present at the fair for the first time are HIDE & JACK and MANILA GRACE while ALBERTO FASCIANI, BORBONESE, DKNY and LOVE MOSCHINO will be returning again this year.


Confirming its ability to anticipate trends, starting from this edition MICAM Milano has renewed its layout in order to reflect the changes taking place within the market, giving “traditional” areas an even stronger identity and enriching the trade show with new content.

The theme of environmental and social sustainability will be prevalent at MICAM, in various different forms and contexts, testifying to the profound transformation that the footwear industry, too, is involved in promoting within the fashion and accessories sector.

As well as being designed to spotlight the new MICAM X project, the Fashion Square’s new setup will also open the way for a closer collaboration with the various trade-fair events in the supply chain. Lineapelle, the leading international exhibition dedicated to leather, accessories, components, fabrics, synthetics and models for the fashion and luxury industry, will make its research on the latest trends in materials for the FW20/21 season available to MICAM X, as well as giving presentations on the most innovative aspects and constant evolution of leatherware.

The aim of this initiative is to show how the use of highly innovative and sustainable materials is of benefit to the product, both in terms of style and technological innovation, while also laying the basis for a new approach with the customer. The WGSN workshops dedicated to the new trends and ideas that will dominate the coming season will also be held in the MICAM X area.

In the Man Square, the area dedicated to men’s shoes, the emphasis will be instead on lightheartedness: for the first time, an area will be set up devoted to traditionally male hobbies and passions. After being pampered in the barber shop, men will be able to visit the cigar lounge where talks illustrating the technique of preparing and smoking cigars will be given. A games area with billiard table, toy car race track and open bar will also be available for visitors.

In the iKids Square, the artist Allison Hoffman will use completely recycled yarn to create the Wonder Dolls, a limited-edition collection representing characters from MICAM in Wonderland. Sales proceeds will be used to fund primary school projects in Malawi run by HUMANA People to People Italia.

Apart from the iKids Square, the Wonder Dolls will also be sold in the Assocalzaturifici Area in pavilion 1 stand F01, at the Press Office in pavilion 1 stand G01 and in the Humana Area pavilion 4 stand N07.

Also, on the first two days of MICAM, the artist Riccardo Zangelmi - the first and only Italian LEGO® Certified Professional - will construct a child’s shoe made entirely with LEGO® bricks. 500 small shoe-shaped gadget keyrings made with mini LEGO® bricks will also be available.

The values of eco-sustainability will be the protagonists of The Garden (Pav. 4), a space dedicated to the theme of respect for the environment for the first time at MICAM. Here, hanging leaf shapes and illuminated texts projected onto the floor of the corridor will invite reflection on the subject, while a bar counter with comfortable seats in the form of rocks will welcome visitors.

Visitors to this space will receive a special pencil: if planted after use, it will in fact be able to germinate and grow, thanks to the forget-me-not seeds contained inside it.

The special guest area for international buyers has also been redesigned: the theme of the Vip Lounge in Pav. 1 E01 pays homage to the Russian culture and is dedicated to Russia and ex CIS countries, which are key players in the global footwear market.


Following the success of the first edition, the Players District is back again this February. This area of MICAM Milano was designed to provide the variegated world of outdoor and sports shoes with its own exclusive space: it represents an important vantage point from which to observe a constantly evolving market and a unique occasion for buyers, dealers and retailers.

Amongst the brands exhibiting here are: Lotto, Bjorn Borg, CMP, Dolomite, Joma Sport, Skechers and Patrick.

A feature of the area will once again be The Arena – a space enlivened by professional performances of freestyle entertainment such as bike trial, football, basketball and breakdance: the full lineup of events is available on the event calendar.


Attentive as ever to the younger generations, MICAM Milano will once again play host to 12 talented young designers, the Emerging Designers (Pav. 4E), selected by a panel of experts.

One of the highlights of the fair will be represented by the fashion parade showcasing their creations, which will be held on 17 February starting at 12.45.

The Italian Footwear Startup space will also be back again at this edition: this area is curated by ICE and the Ministry of Foreign affairs and International Cooperation in collaboration with Suitex International, an international recruitment company specialising in fashion, which has selected 8 startups to exhibit at MICAM (Pav. 1 D05): BOTTEGA SENATORE, ID.EIGHT, MARCO PROIETTI DESIGN, UNALIRA, WAO, YUOOL, ZINGALES SHOES.


While MICAM is on, fashion industry professionals have the possibility of visiting two other events that are highly representative of the fashion-accessory galaxy: MIPEL, the world’s most important leather fair and HOMI Fashion & Jewels, the only event in Italy devoted to costume jewellery, jewellery and accessories.

The final day of MICAM, 19 February, on the other hand, coincides with the opening day of LINEAPELLE, the international platform for leather, accessories, components, fabrics, synthetics and models, and SIMAC, an international exhibition of machinery and technologies for the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries.

For all visitors to MICAM, the fact that these fairs are being held concurrently provides a further opportunity for discovering new trends and doing business.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1352)

Given the latest news about the Coronavirus health warning, with the following briefing, we would like to inform you that organization of MICAM Milano is proceeding as scheduled.

The exhibition will strictly abide by the recommendations provided by the World Health Organization and the Italian Ministry of Health in compliance with current regulations. In order to safeguard exhibitors and visitors, MICAM Milano will adopt all additional preventive measures recommended by the health authorities.

We are at your disposal for clarification or any needs you might have and will promptly notify you of any developments in the situation.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards.

Siro Badon

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