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Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1253)



For the first time, the shoe fair is to feature a special area with leading brands and The Arena, a lively space with amazing performers.


They’re for everybody! Sports and outdoor shoes that are not just trendy but lifestyle as well. Dynamic footwear for fast urban living and high-performance shoes for those who take their sports seriously: the game becomes a challenge.
It is this running-jumping-playing world that inspired MICAM, the International Trade Show promoted by Assocalzaturifici, to set up the PLAYERS DISTRICT, a new area devoted to the variegated world of outdoor and sports shoes.

With brands such as Bjorn Borg, CMP, Dolomite, Joma Sport, Lotto, Skechers and many others, the exciting new PLAYERS DISTRICT will make its debut during the upcoming edition of MICAM, from 15 to 18 September. The area in pavilion 7 will provide a preview of the most interesting novelties on the market, in a space designed both to spotlight the wide variety of products offered by international brands and reflect the dynamism of the most exhilarating sporting events.

Visitors to MICAM will be able to admire the visionary design of both niche and mainstream models, inspired by the performances of the great sporting champions: and more thrills are in store for them in The Arena, a special are
a set up inside the PLAYERS DISTRICT, where a series of performances and events will be held to give body and shape to the movements used in sport and which only the most high-tech shoes are capable of turning into legendary victories.

With PLAYERS DISTRICT, MICAM adds a new feature and, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, shows once again that it is capable of looking ahead, towards evolving trends and the most promising market niches in Italy and the rest of the world.

The future of footwear is a wide-open match, in which everyone has to roll up their sleeves and really get involved, and from 15 to 18 September, MICAM is ready once again to play its part.

PLAYERS DISTRICT: where outdoor and sports shoes come into play!

Milan, 17 July 2019

Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1252)

– The Fashion Award 2019”

MICAM Milano, the world’s leading footwear show, will host a fashion show featuring the 25 collections shortlisted in the contest held for students from 14 countries. Two Overall Prizes and eight Special Prizes will be awarded.

The 25-year-old contest is organised in partnership with Confindustria Moda this year, in addition to the traditional support of Fondazione Industrie Cotone e Lino, the trade association of Italy’s cotton and linen industries, and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. Lectra is the contest’s Main Sponsor.

Milan, 25 July 2019. 25 collections from all over the world have been shortlisted for the 26th International Lab of Mittelmoda - The Fashion Award contest, culminating on Monday, 16 September 2019 starting at 18:00 at MICAM, the world's leading footwear show, which celebrates its 50th birthday this year.

The prestigious location of MICAM was chosen under a new partnership that International Lab of Mittelmoda formed this year with Confindustria Moda, the federation of trade associations representing Italy’s textiles, fashion and accessories industries - including Assocalzaturifici, the promoter of MICAM.
Confindustria Moda has begun a strategic partnership with Mittelmoda The Fashion Award under an agreement signed recently by Confindustria Moda Chair Claudio Marenzi and International Lab of Mittelmoda Chair Matteo Marzotto.
The agreement states that the contest will in the future focus increasingly on students of fashion design and other essential professions in the industry which are often less visible and less appreciated, but are nonetheless essential for maintaining the quality characteristic of ”beautiful and well-made” Italian shoes.
The finalists in the 26th edition of the international contest were selected in May by a panel of judges chaired by Matteo Marzotto and including experts in the field, managers of the style offices of various companies supporting the initiative and representatives of Confindustria Moda and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. The difficult task of analysis, research and assessment of more than 400 entries from all over the world concluded with the selection of 25 finalists representing fully 14 nations.

The 25 talents selected to go on to the final phase in the competition will be judged by the severe panel of judges on Monday, 16 September, and at 18:00 they will present their collections before an audience of fashion reporters, experts and enterprises in a big Fashion Show.

The prize-winning collections will be announced in an awards ceremony at the end of the fashion show.

Alongside the two traditional Overall Prizes (one for Creativity and one for Innovation), the established “Premio Lectra” - presented by the main sponsor of the event – and the “Dondup Prize”, back once again this year and dedicated to sustainability, new Special Prizes will be awarded, including the “Womenswear – menswear Prize”, presented by Sistema Moda Italia; the “Shoes&Bags Prize”, offered by Micam/Mipel; the “Textile&Materials Prize”, presented by MilanoUnica; the “Accessories Prize”, awarded by Mido; and the “Knitwear Prize”, offered by Benetton Group. The new “TheOneSeasonless Prize” will be presented by TheOneMilano.


Claudio Marenzi – Confindustria Moda Chair
“The Federation's goals definitely include supporting and encouraging the education of highly specialised professionals throughout the Italian Fashion System. In today’s industry, where demand for technical know-how is greater than ever, the Fashion Industry we represent intends to play an important role in training new professionals. The goal of our partnership with Mittelmoda is identifying new talents, whose skills will represent the vital lymph of a sector that proudly continues to play a key role as one of our country’s most important assets.”

Matteo Marzotto – International Lab of Mittelmoda Chair
“There’s no better way we could celebrate the 26th edition of The Fashion Award, the international contest held by Mittelmoda, than with MICAM Milano, in the year of the event’s 50th anniversary.

A big thanks to the MICAM Milano Chair and General Manager for his support, and to the entire Confindustria Moda Board of Directors and Chair, who are once again at our side with their teams and all their member associations.

A splendid initiative in a system intended to make the most of young talents and support the best Italian craftsmanship and excellence.”


A non-profit association founded and guided by the principal institutions in the Italian fashion industry (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Fondazione Industrie Cotone 3 Lino, Confindustria Moda), International Lab of Mittelmoda has been holding  the international contest known as Mittelmoda The Fashion Award for 26 years, and works in collaboration with a number of companies that share its mission.
Mittelmoda The Fashion Award is one of the world’s best-known and most sought-after fashion contests. First held in 1993, it has developed an international network of contacts including more than 680 fashion design schools in 68 countries, offering a concrete opportunity for dialogue and discussion for creative artists all over the world who want to work with fashion companies, focusing on the beautiful and the well-made: intrinsic properties of Italian-made fashions.

International Lab of Mittelmoda is an independent non-profit organisation, which means it can support both creativity and craftsmanship and the launch on the market of new projects and products: from materials and fabrics to clothing, knitwear and accessories (bags, shoes, eyewear….) and jewellery, offering a meeting-point and a place for discussing ideas, proposals, innovations and creations with representatives of companies in the fashion system, the international press, a specialised audience, teachers, students and emerging talents in fashion.

Confindustria Moda (Federazione Italiana Tessile, Moda e Accessorio, Italy’s federation of the textiles, fashion and accessories industries) brings together members of SMI (Sistema Moda Italia), ASSOPELLETTIERI, AIP (the Italian Fur Association), ANFAO (the National Association of Manufacturers of Optical Articles), ASSOCALZATURIFICI, FEDERORAFI (the National Federation of Goldsmiths, Silversmiths and Jewellery-makers) and UNIC (the National Union of the Tannery Industry).

It represents about 67 thousand Italian enterprises with a total turnover of almost 95 billion euros who employ more than 580 thousand workers. Confindustria Moda member companies represent outstanding Italian craftsmanship and lead the international markets; in 2018 their exports accounted for more than 66% of turnover.

Confindustria Moda has been fully operative since 2018 in its new offices in Milan, where it brings together all its member associations and trade events.

The Federation offers member associations consulting services in the areas of legal affairs and industrial relations and a study office.

Claudio Marenzi, CEO of Herno and past president of Sistema Moda Italia, was elected the first Chair of Confindustria Moda.

The footwear industry’s leading international trade fair, MICAM, promoted by Assocalzaturifici, is a one-of-a-kind event with over 2000 footwear collections at each edition, successfully melding business and fashion. The event takes place in Milan twice a year, in February and September, in the Fiera Milano Rho trade fair district. It showcases the autumn/winter and spring/summer collections for the following year, respectively.

The trade fair covers about 63,000 sqm of display space and hosts about 1,400 exhibitors in each edition, including more than 600 international exhibitors from 30 different countries.

MICAM is the landmark event for footwear industry professionals from all over the world.

With 45,000 certified visitors to every edition, half of whom come from about 130 foreign countries, MICAM confirms its role as a privileged stage for the promotion of new collections and a decisive business opportunity for establishing concrete new contacts.

Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1243)

Increasingly detailed profiling to ensure a well-targeted offer and products, that has already received positive feedback from operators in the last edition.

Through its visitor surveys MICAM aims to improve its services and offer for Italian and foreign operators attending the next edition of the event on 15-18 September 2019 in Fiera Milano (Rho).
For this reason, MICAM has once again refined its profiling and analysis tools, to more accurately capture the snapshot of the public at the Event and offer increasingly targeted facilities and opportunities.


In today’s world offering online services is essential, which is why the website was overhauled and optimised in the second half of 2017 to make browsing and interaction even easier for users.

The new website is currently used by about 82% of our visitors.

In general, 96% of MICAM87 visitors registered electronically for the event (82% from the website, and 14% using the totem poles).


For the last edition of MICAM, operators descended on Milan from five continents: with the bulk coming from Europe, 85.2%, and 9.8% from Asia, 1.9% from North America, 1.6% from Africa, 1% from South America and 0.5% from Australia.

The average visitor shares for the last 8 editions are as follows: 84.5% Europa, 11.0% Asia, 1.8% North America, 1.5% Africa, 0.7% Australia, 0.5% South America.

Compared to the winter edition of 2018, the latest edition saw an increase in visitors from North America (+0.2%), Africa (+0.3%) and South America (+0.5%).

Looking to Asian visitors, the February 2019 edition principally saw most visitors come from Japan (19%), Turkey (18.3%) and China (15.8%), while the main countries of origin for European visitors were Italy (56%), Spain (5.5%), France (4.3%) and Germany (4%).


For the 87th edition of MICAM there were significant variations in the number of visitors from Spain, France and Germany.

Visitors from Spain made up 5.5% of European visitors and 4.7% of overall visitors at MICAM87. In the same edition, 48% of Spanish visitors worked as retailers. The number of Spanish visitors was up +9.7% compared to MICAM’s February 2018 edition.

Visitors from France made up 4.3% of European visitors and 3.7% of overall visitors at MICAM87, with 60% of French visitors working as retailers.

More than a quarter of French visitors came from two French cities, the capital Paris and nearby Aubervilliers.

Visitors from Germany made up 4.0% of European visitors and 3.4% of overall visitors at MICAM87, with 54% of German visitors working as retailers.

60% of German visitors came from the regions Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bayern and Baden Wuttemberg, while 13% came from the capital Berlin.


Compared to the February 2018 edition, there was a net increase in the share of visitors from Lombardy, Marche and Campania, while the share of visitors from Veneto and Tuscany was stable.


An important indicator from the profiling of professionals attending MICAM is their choices regarding the exhibition offer.

In the 87th edition the level of interest for footwear increased to 88% of interviewees, which can be divided into people stating a single choice (49%) and those stating multiple choices (39% footwear + other).

The share of operators whose choices represent a tangible business opportunity for exhibitors is high: indeed, in the previous edition, 64% of visitors had a decision-making role in purchase choices.

In particular, 38% were independent decision-makers, while 26% were involved in decisions (this section of the form was amended starting from ed86, to improve visitor profiling).


In general, from among Italian visitors, men represent a slight majority, while this proportion is reversed among foreign visitors, where there is a slight majority of women.

The most prevalent age category is 40-60 year-olds (more than 53% of visitors).

71% of Italian visitors and 63% of foreign visitors represent SMEs (< €1 million turnover), while 11% of foreign visitors represent large companies.

Retailing is the most popular profession amongst operators in attendance. In the last edition of MICAM, almost 26% of Italian «retailer» visitors came from Lombardy, followed by 10% from Piedmont, with Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Campania following.

Only 3% of Italian retailers at the event came from the Marche region. Considering agents, the most represented region was Lombardy (23%), followed by Veneto, Marche, Tuscany, then Campania and Emilia Romagna.

Even with regard to visitors from abroad, after retailers (36%), the greatest share of professions, compared to the average, is represented by Producers, Designers and Wholesalers. A lower percentage of foreign visitors are Agents and general interest visitor numbers are low (Other 2%).


MICAM is preparing for the next appointment with a new image – the latest photo by Javier Valhonrat which completes an exciting three-year campaign encompassing six editions of the International Footwear Exhibition inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, with as many engaging images defining these recent editions.

In the final stage of this journey, amidst the vices and virtues of the human soul and the quest for the purest form of beauty, the spectator is placed before an image of candour and tenderness, in the pastel coloured frame of the celestial spheres.

These images represent the closing chapter of an incredible tale, with a metaphysical and otherworldly charm, which can be interpreted on a variety of levels. A poem through images that represents a pure paraphrase of the beauty of shoes, inspired by an abiding love and an infinite creative drive, like that which moves the sun and the other stars.

MICAM 88 will be taking place between 15 and 18 September 2019 in Fiera Milano. This will be a very special edition of MICAM as it will be celebrating, along with the exhibitors, visitors and other industry professionals from all over the world, the “first 50 years” of the event!

The MICAM universe is on Stay tuned!

Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1221)


Annarita Pilotti

Art, creativity, youth, innovation and more and more glamour. These are the key ingredients of the 87th edition of MICAM, the International Footwear Show, closing today at Fiera Milano (Rho) with more than 43 thousand visitors, in line with the February 2018 edition.

“But if we count individual entries, this edition has seen a 2.5% overall increase, with more Italian visitors, who made up for the drop in international visitors,” comments Assocalzaturifici Chair Annarita Pilotti. “This figure offers us two themes for reflection: the dynamics of buyers’ visits are changing, as they have less and less free time, and promotion of MICAM within Italy is working.

Among international visitors, this edition saw a boom in visitors from the United States (+35%) and Canada (+38%), countries which are demonstrating growing interest in European footwear, despite the fact that important competing trade fairs were held on the same dates in North America.

Historic European markets such as Russia, France and Germany have registered a double-digit drop in visitor attendance, the only exception being Spain, the most important country in Europe, with a 10% increase in visitor numbers.

“We are closing the 87th MICAM aware that we have transformed our event into a fashion incubator, always responding to the demands of the market. The event is not only an essential business platform for companies, but an aggregator of trends and new consumption habits,” continues Pilotti. “We now find the world's top footwear suppliers at MICAM, thanks to the presence of prestigious manufacturers from five continents: a thousand different interpretations of style and quality, all at the disposal of international buyers looking for trendy products in the middle price range”.

Promotion and protection of the excellence of Italian products are the true challenges facing MICAM. Because cultural identity, top quality, refined design and quality materials are what make Italian shoes stand out from the rest, with a business model indissolubly linked with the country’s culture and traditions.

“It is to protect our country’s economic and cultural heritage that I have asked Minister Luigi Di Maio, who attended the opening of MICAM, to introduce new measures supporting the footwear industry, and specifically asked him to give absolute priority to reducing the tax wedge,” concludes Pilotti. “Ours is an industry in which labour represents a very large percentage of the total cost of production, making labour costs particularly significant for us”.

But above all, MICAM represents a unique opportunity to discover and experience the creativity and values that characterise the industry through various original and entertaining events. These included a display area focusing on Emerging Designers once again demonstrating MICAM’s focus on youth and new talent, as well as buyers’ growing interest in the new generations now joining the industry.

This is why MICAM announced the birth of PLUG-Mi. The sneakers culture experience, a new B2C format focusing on the dynamic world of sneakers and targeting millennials, the inventors of today’s most revolutionary trends and promoters of new forms of consumption. The project, organised by Campus Fandango Club in partnership with MICAM and Fiera Milano, will be introduced in the September 2019 International Footwear Show.

Lastly, numerous initiatives have been launched, both within and outside the fair venue. Their purpose is not just to sustain and promote business but also to convey the passionate love for shoes that is felt both by those who create them and those who buy and wear them. MICAM focused specifically on the Far East, hosting five top Chinese influencers who were the stars of a seminar on “Social media and e-commerce: a Chinese marriage”, one of the most popular events among buyers and exhibitors.

Other important events at MICAM87 included a seminar on Sustainability which was very successful among members of the trade, demonstrating their growing interest in environmental issues.

MICAM will be back at Fiera Milano (Rho) September 15 through 18, 2019 to celebrate its fiftieth birthday with a presentation of the Spring/Summer 2020 collections, and will centre around the virtue of Beauty.

Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1216)

For the Fall / Winter season 2019-20, footwear trends are inspired by three different themes. First, a vintage influence, which is always on-trend and fashionable and combined with eco-sustainability, second a mystical and spiritual influence, with a touch of romance and, third, a free-style inspiration that is experimental, but refined.

The new design is combined with footwear comfort, while warm and winter shades alternate with bright pastel colours.

The trend previews presented at the 87th edition of MICAM Milano, at Fiera Milano (Rho).

The ‘Purpose Full’ trend is inspired by the past, but has an eye to the future so as to create new products that have, nonetheless, a spirit of continuity. The new design draws on vintage influences and brings life to comfortable shoes of authentic quality. The colours are retro and contemporary at the same time: the shades range from brown to bright pink, from lemon yellow to blue, further enhancing their beauty.
For men, the construction of footwear and the quest for style are underpinned by eco-sustainable materials, thanks to renewed artisanal techniques. Materials are readjusted, colours become softer and are inspired by mid-century Bakelite designs, offering a comfortable look, ideal for showing off in a fast-paced world. The colour palette ranges from brown to red.
‘Light Magic’ is a trend that draws inspiration from mysticism and spirituality and proposes a series of romantic and gothic designs. Accessories, shoes and jewels are based on the dark side of nature, on mythological influences and on the fairy-tale world. The romantic and mysterious colours are characterised by a dark fantasy. The colour palette seems to be illuminated by an unearthly light, ranging from black to mystic violet, to the brightest pastel colours.
For men, ‘Light Magic’ refers to mystical and mysterious themes, opening itself up to inspiration from nature. The design of the accessories, of the shoes presents anomalous and experimental organic characteristics. The colours flit between black and purple, then arriving in bright pastel shades: it is a palette focused on purple and white that evoke a sense of instability, and on red and tealeaf colour that give a dynamic and more sporty feeling to the collection.
The ‘Free Style’ trend challenges conventions and celebrates freedom of expression. A fluid vision of cultural references, traditional styling, designs and nuances are the particularities that give a new, carefree look to accessories, footwear and jewellery. The colours are vibrant, bright and lively, and enthusiasm moves from protest to play.
For men, ‘Freestyle’ is an experimental, unique, and playful trend that brings back a certain energy to tailored and casual looks. Street style is refined, to recreate a new perception of the Fall / Winter 2019/20 collection. It is a celebration of individuality, of new design, and of new construction methods. The colour palette has evolved with respect to previous seasons and primary colours have left room for tones that constitute a new growing sensation in a nuanced atmosphere.
Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1214)


Market analysis and a focus on communication
make the international footwear show a key event for the industry.

Following a number of initiatives around the world intended to establish contact between Italian footwear makers and the world’s biggest markets, MICAM prepares to come back to Italy in an event-packed show with a bold personality.

There are plenty of preparations underway for this important event, and a number of strategies are being put in place behind the scenes which - just like a pair of top quality shoes - combine a knack for understanding the demands of the market with plenty of imagination and creativity, indispensable traits for anticipating trends in consumption with an innovative charge.

In order to offer the best possible response to the demands of the companies and professional dealers, MICAM has organised an in-depth analysis of its exhibitor database, in line with its visitor profiling initiative, comparing the figures collected over the past six editions of the event (from February 2016 to September 2018).

The analysis had four key goals: mapping exhibitors’ categories, origins, interest, and frequency of participation in the event (identifying faithful returning exhibitors and new exhibitors); coming up with actions for promoting the event (such as new marketing, promotion and retention programmes focusing on the various different exhibitor clusters identified); improving a number of organisational aspects (the layout of the pavilions and stands); and comparing analysis of the MICAM exhibitor dashboard with the results of customer satisfaction surveys.

Profiling of event participants focused on four areas: frequency of attendance, exhibitors' origin and business category, and the location and size of the stand in the halls.

37% of all exhibitors were found to have participated in all of the last six editions of the event (43% in the case of Italian exhibitors).

67% of the Italian exhibitors at MICAM 86 form a cluster of faithful returning participants who had been represented at all the previous editions. 11% of the Italian exhibitors at MICAM 86 were participating in the event for the first time.

The origin of exhibitors at the most recent show may be broken down as follows: Europe 91%, Asia 4%, South America 4% and North America 1%. Spain and Portugal (with 15.2% and 7.5% of European exhibitors, respectively) were the European countries with the most exhibitors after Italy (61%). 25.5% of the Italian exhibitors came from the region of Marche, 21.6% from Campania, and 16.2% from Tuscany.

More than 70% of the exhibitors make shoes, and almost 10% sell them (distributors + retailers).
The breakdown of stands by size has remained practically the same over the years, with a prevalence of small stands. About 60% of the stands at the most recent edition measured less than 32 sqm; 18% of the exhibition space consisted of stands measuring more than 72 sqm.

Along with strategic aspects aimed at creating an increasingly “customised” event, MICAM has stood out for some time for its choice of advertising campaigns that represent the passion for quality and the evocative power of footwear, a fashion accessory that is unique for its ability to continue innovating.

MICAM has drawn on the theme of the Divine Comedy for the past three years, with an advertising campaign oriented toward representing shoes as objects of desire that unleash passions suspended somewhere between virtue and vice.

The last two themes in this advertising campaign inspired by Dante’s voyage will be launched in 2019: following the sins of the Inferno and those expiated in Purgatory, the time has come to immerse ourselves in the celestial spheres of the blessed, in Paradise.

Art, the creativity that will be the key to MICAM 87, shifts the focus from the conflicting “sinful” sentiments associated with the covetous desire to possess a pair of quality shoes to the object itself. The slogan “Be inspired by Art, ye who enter” underlines the discovery of the object as work of art, a template for joy and completeness for all those capable of appreciating it, bringing new life to everything around it.

Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1212)

During the eighty-seventh edition of MICAM there will be scheduled meetings with bloggers, stylists and famous fashion insiders, experts in the field who, from within the pavilions of the international footwear event, will offer daily interesting insights and useful tips for all employees in the sector.
Professionals can discuss style, discover new trends, meet experts, learn strategies to enhance products, and sales points thanks to a very interesting calendar of events, conferences and dynamic meetings.

Here is the calendar by MICAM and WGSN:

(Appointments marked with the symbol [◊] are seminars organised by WGSN)

During the eighty-seventh edition of MICAM there will be scheduled meetings with bloggers, stylists and famous fashion insiders, experts in the field who, from within the pavilions of the international footwear event, will offer daily interesting insights and useful tips for all employees in the sector.
Professionals can discuss style, discover new trends, meet experts, learn strategies to enhance products, and sales points thanks to a very interesting calendar of events, conferences and dynamic meetings.

Here is the calendar by MICAM and WGSN:

(Appointments marked with the symbol [◊] are seminars organised by WGSN)

Sunday, February 10th 11:00

Inauguration with Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio, Minister of Economic Development and Minister of Labour and Social Policy
Must-Have Sneakers S/S 2019

Fashion Square

pav 1.
Pav. 7


MICAM Catwalk

Fashion Square

pav. 1


Greeting for the International Press by Tommaso Cancellara CEO MICAM Milano

MICAM Press Office

pav. 1 F01-G02


The 2020 consumer

Fashion Square

pav. 1


Men/Women Footwear: Season essentials A/W 19/20

Fashion Square

pav. 1


Trend materials A/W 19/20 & S/S 20

Fashion Square

pav. 1


Social Media and e-commerce, a Chinese Marriage

Fashion Square


18:00 – 20:00

BOBO DJ: cocktail & show with DJ set by Bobo Vieri


pav. 7 P19-S30

Monday, February 11th 11:00

The 5 best strategies for making sustainable footwear ◊

Fashion Square

pav. 1


PLUG-MI press conference


pav. 7 P19-S30


Emerging Designers Catwalk

Fashion Square

pav. 1


Kids/Teens Footwear: Season essentials A/W 19/20 ◊

Fashion Square

pav. 1


Trend materials A/W 19/20 & S/S 20 ◊

Fashion Square

pav. 1


Visual Merchandising & Store Design ◊

Fashion Square

pav. 1

18:30 –20:30

MICAM Awards Night – presents Kay Rush.
Special guests: Miss Italia 2018 and the designer Tommy Hilfiger. Afterwards “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” cast will perform live the most famous tracks from the musical


Tuesday, February 12th 11:00

From Athleisure to Lifewear: comfort, functionality and sport define new trends

Fashion Square

pav. 1



MICAM Catwalk

Fashion Square

pav. 1



Macro footwear trends Men/Women S/S 20

Fashion Square

pav. 1



Macro footwear trends Kids/Teens S/S 20

Fashion Square

pav. 1


Wednesday, February 13th 11:00

Men/Women Footwear: Season essentials A/W 19/20 ◊

Fashion Square

pav. 1



Macro footwear trends Men/Women S/S 20◊

Fashion Square

pav. 1


Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1213)

Alongside various strategies to create an increasingly “tailor-made” trade fair, MICAM has chosen a marketing campaign capable of conveying the passion for quality and evocative power embodied by footwear, the most innovative of all fashion accessories. It is for this reason that for the last three years Dante’s Divine Comedy has been selected as the theme for MICAM.

After the sins of Hell and Purgatory, the time has come to delve into the blissful heavenly spheres: welcome to Paradise. The Art behind this MICAM edition showcases footwear as a work of art, a source of joy and inspiration.

Here’s the line-up of events:

TILT BRUSH: come and try the amazing experience of 3D painting with Emiliano Ponzi. You will find the artist in the Fashion Square (pav. 1) on Sunday 10 February at 10.45 a.m. and 5.45 p.m. and on Monday 11 February at 10.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. If you fancy expressing your artistic streak, come and enjoy a unique sensory experience!

BODY PAINTER: by popular demand, body painter Johannes Stötter will be back in the Style Square (pavilion 3) with his live shows, amazing visitors with the incredible originality of his body paintings, real works of art which made him go viral at the previous edition. His performances are scheduled for Sunday 10, Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 February, from 9.30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

PLASTICINE CREATIONS: Livening up the iKids Square (pavilion 4B) this year will be Stefano Colferai, one of the most interesting and innovative young talents on the Italian creative scene. Modelling plasticine with his own hands, he will create magnificent reproductions of some of the children’s shoes exhibited at the fair. The appointment is for 11 and 12 February from 9.30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

ICE SCULPTURES: Along Corso Italia – the expo centre’s main thoroughfare – there will be performances by sculptors Francesco Falasconi and Michela Ciappini, who will be creating some really unusual artworks. Armed with chainsaws, the artists will be creating ice sculptures out of real blocks of ice, exclusively for MICAM; these will be on display along Corso Italia for the entire duration of the shoe event. The appointment is for 10, 11 and 12 February from 9.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Don’t miss the “Ice Revolution” performance, which will take place on 10, 11 and 12 February at 1.30 p.m.

SNEAKERS&CHILL: “Customised” sneakers will be the protagonists of the Fun Square (Pavilion 4). There, visitors will find three creative young people from Paris who will personalise the sneakers of anyone who wants, free of charge, making each item truly unique. The appointment is for every day of the exhibition from 9.30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

HAIRSTYLING AND BARBER’S SHOP: During the whole of MICAM, the Fun Square in Pavilion 4 will host the by now traditional hair and makeup area dedicated to female visitors who fancy being “pampered” at one of the classic or vintage hairstyling stations. While for the benefit of hair and beard enthusiasts, an authentic barber’s shop will be recreated in the iconic giant shoe installation in Man Square (Pavilion 1).

OCULUS & VIRTUAL REALTY: For all those who want to immerse themselves in VR, 3D headsets will be available in the Fun Square (pavilion 4) every day of the trade show.

But the real challenge is to be found in the Man Square, where visitors can have the thrill of a “Walk in Paradise”, a virtual walk along a girder between two sky-scrapers. Put yourself to the test: those brave enough to reach the other side will receive a fun free gift!

CALL to ARTS by Artkademy: on 10, 11 and 12 February you will find the artists of Artkademy in the PLUG-MI area in Pav. 7 where they will be producing calligraphy artworks live – and you can take part too: leave your mark!!!

GIFT CARD: To celebrate art all the year round and thanks to a partnership with ABBONAMENTO MUSEI (Museum Subscription Scheme), MICAM is pleased to offer any visitors who are interested a personalised pass giving free access to Lombardy’s museums. You will find the desk in Pavilion 7 stand P09 – Q10.

Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1211)

Over 1300 exhibitors will be featured at the most important event for the trade. All the world’s best footwear brands will be there. Pilotti: “The first ten months of 2018 set a new record in footwear exports (+3.9% by value), even though production continues to drop (-2.6% by volume)”. Footwear continues its allegorical voyage through the Divine Comedy: 2019 is the year of Paradise. A packed calendar of events unfolds inside and outside the pavilions.

The footwear world is preparing to converge on Fiera Milano (Rho) from February 10 to 13 for the traditional appointment with MICAM, the world’s leading footwear exhibition, promoted by Assocalzaturifici, now in its 87th edition. A living, vital exhibition representing the utmost expression of the creativity and quality of one of the country’s top sectors of industry, worth more than 14 billion euros, employing 76,600 people and exporting 85% of its production.

An unmissable show for the many trade visitors expected to attend and a unique business opportunity for the 1304 exhibitors, including 716 Italian and 588 foreign brands which will present a preview of their Autumn/Winter 2019-2020 collections in an area covering 60,361 square metres, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality, well-designed, innovative, high-tech and hand-crafted products.

A wide array of top quality brands will be on display, with new entries and those back for another edition: Camper, Dirk Bikkembergs, Harley Davidson, Jeffrey Campbell, Lumberjack and Pajar.

Despite the increasingly complex economic scenario, the footwear sector closed the year 2018 by holding its ground in terms of the value of production and setting a new record for exports, despite the now chronic stagnation of domestic demand and the current difficulties on a number of key foreign markets, which led to a slowdown in production in the second half of the year.

“The results of a sample survey conducted by the Confindustria Moda Research Centre for Assocalzaturifici reveal in this year’s preliminary results a 2.6% drop in the quantity of Italian production, with a rise of +0.7% in terms of value,” reports Assocalzaturifici Chair Annarita Pilotti. “But according to the official ISTAT figures, in the first 10 months of 2018, Italian exports increased by 3.9% in value compared to the same period in 2017.

Between January and October, more than 176 million pairs of shoes were sold abroad, but their combined value was more than 8 billion euros: a significant contribution to the balance of trade for the sector, which despite falling slightly, was 3.65 billion euros for the first 10 months of the year”.

MICAM represents a unique opportunity to discover and experience the creativity and values that characterise the industry through various original and entertaining events. And this year, PLUG-Mi - The Sneakers Culture Experience - will be taking off in September: an entirely new B2C format - organised by Fandango Club in partnership with MICAM and Fiera Milano - focusing on the dynamic world of sneakers and targeting millennials, the inventors of today’s most revolutionary trends and promoters of new forms of consumption.

“The worlds of sports and footwear manufacturing are continually exchanging ideas: athletes express demands, challenges and opportunities, which footwear makers transform into high-performing and super trendy styles,” says Assocalzaturifici Chair Annarita Pilotti. “This is why MICAM has set up an area in pavilion 7 for reflecting together on the role of the most classic form of sports footwear, sneakers, in the business and for customers today: a fully-fledged think tank where we can find out how fashions and trends are born, and what can make a sports shoe into a true cult item, and which we can use to launch the first edition of PLUG-MI in September 2019”.

Pavilion 4 will contain a special corner for Emerging Designers. In this area twelve Italian and international talents selected by a panel of fashion and communications experts will present their collections in twelve sustainable display constructions. This edition features: Anna Baiguera, Maison Ernest, Adult, Annie Gestroemi, Marie Weber, Seven all around, Balluta, Panafrica, Paolo Ronga, Me.Land, Andrea Mondin and King Ping.

And to help boost new enterprises just starting out on world markets, the Young Italian Emerging Designers Around The World area presented by ITA (Fashion Square, pavilion 1), will display ten pairs of shoes from up-and-coming manufacturers.

MICAM remains an unmissable opportunity for professional development. Every day the fair is on, a number of international consultants will provide those working in the industry with interesting tips and suggestions in the famous Fashion Square in pavilion 1. At the numerous seminars organised in collaboration with WGSN, various business scenarios will be discussed and, in addition to the fashion trends for the following seasons, the latest developments in marketing, retail and new consumer groups will also be identified. A packed schedule of fashion parades will reveal the trends for next autumn/winter and animate the Square during the entire fair.

Five Chinese Top Influencers will be attending the fair, and the calendar of events will include a seminar on “Social Media and e-commerce, a Chinese Marriage”, scheduled for Sunday 10 February at 4.45 p.m.

During the MICAM dates, the “Cuoio di Toscana” (“Leather of Tuscany”) consortium will present an international audience with a new fashion film: “Show your sole”. The short film takes an “upside-down” look at fashion, illustrating fashion shows as seen from the point of view of the feet, in a new upside-down perspective. The short movie illustrates the most recent Fashion Week in Milan from this brand new viewpoint, revealing the power of shoes to tell stories and seduce.

And that’s not all. There will be plenty of initiatives focusing on Art, the key theme of the 87th MICAM, inside and outside the pavilions. This is why MICAM is launching “MICAM press”, a special app to keep members of the press up to date on the events in the programme, allowing them to receive push notifications with real-time updates about events on the calendar.


The soul of the exclusive party in the PLUG-MI area (pav. 7) Sunday 10 February from 6.00 p.m., will be a big Italian sports personality: Bobo Vieri. Not just a DJ set, but loads of selfies and live Instagram broadcasts in the company of one of the world’s most entertaining and influential social network personalities.

And the fun continues. The famous MICAM Awards will be presented at an event scheduled for 6.30 p.m. on Monday, February 11. The ceremony held in Fashion Square will be introduced by reporter and DJ Kay Rush, while Carlotta Maggiorana, Miss Italia 2018, and stylist Tommy Hilfiger will present the awards to the best Italian and international retailers. After the awards ceremony, the show “Priscilla. Queen of MICAM” will be staged, featuring the entire Italian cast of the musical “Priscilla. Queen of the desert” , on right now at a Milan theatre, in a live performance of well-known songs from the musical.

To find out more, follow us on Instagram (@micam.milano), Facebook (MICAM Milano) and in Assocalzaturifici’s online magazine “”.

See you February 10 through 13 2019 at Fiera Milano (Rho) for MICAM 87!

Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1210)
International Footwear Exhibition organized by Assocalzaturifici
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