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Sports, Euipment and Leisure Show - Munich Germany (Z1255)

Dr. Jeanette Loos named Global Head of ISPO Group

Dr. Jeanette Loos

Dr. Jeanette Loos has assumed the newly created position of Global Head of ISPO Group at Messe München. Her areas of responsibility include the strategic refinement of the entire ISPO portfolio, increased synergies among the individual stationary and digital platforms of ISPO and the optimization of processes at the ISPO Group. In her function, she reports directly to Tobias Gröber, Executive Director of the Business Unit Consumer Goods at Messe München.

New position of Global Head of ISPO Group

• Focus on strategic enhancement of the ISPO cluster

Loos, who earned a doctorate in communications studies, has a broad range of experience in the areas of digital transformation, organization development, process optimization and change management. In her most recent position, she was a Senior Manager / Principal at goetzpartners Management Consultants. Previous positions included Techem Energy Services and the University of Hohenheim. Loos has also spent a considerable amount of time abroad, working in Brazil, China and Japan. As a former youth athlete in fistball, sport is still one of her passions. 

Dr. Jeanette Loos is now heading the entire ISPO cluster. The exhibition directors of ISPO Munich, ISPO Beijing and ISPO Shanghai as well as OutDoor by ISPO report to her. Her areas of responsibility also include the ISPO Business Solutions, which comprises the online news portal, ISPO Digitize, ISPO Brandnew, ISPO Open Innovation, ISPO Award, ISPO Academy, ISPO Textrends, ISPO Job Market and ISPO Shop. Tobias Gröber, Executive Director of the Business Unit Consumer Goods at Messe München, says: “I am really happy that we could attract Jeanette Loos, an experienced strategist who can draw on her experience and management skills to fuel our effort to refine the ISPO Cluster.”

About ISPO
ISPO is the world’s leading sports network for business professionals and consumer experts. The platform was launched in 1970 and brings together an integrated range of industry-related analog and digital services under the ISPO family brand name. This includes the world’s largest multisegment trade fairs ISPO Munich, ISPO Beijing and ISPO Shanghai as well as OutDoor by ISPO, the online news portal, and the business solutions ISPO Digitize, ISPO Brandnew, ISPO Open Innovation, ISPO Award, ISPO Academy, ISPO Textrends, ISPO Job Market and ISPO Shop. With its far-reaching mix of innovation promotion, industry networking, know-how and editorial insights, ISPO works 365 days a year to support companies and sports enthusiasts, and to foster passion for sport worldwide.

Messe München
Messe München is one of the leading exhibition organizers worldwide with more than 50 of its own trade shows for capital goods, consumer goods and new technologies. Every year, a total of over 50,000 exhibitors and around three million visitors take part in more than 200 events at the exhibition center in Munich, at the ICM – Internationales Congress Center München and the MOC Veranstaltungscenter München as well as abroad. Together with its subsidiary companies, Messe München organizes trade shows in China, India, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Nigeria, Vietnam and Iran. With a network of associated companies in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America as well as around 70 representations abroad for over 100 countries, Messe München has a global presence.

Sports, Euipment and Leisure Show - Munich Germany (Z1207)
ISPO Munich points the industry toward the future

ISPO Munich, the world’s largest trade fair for sporting goods, ended today with a successful attendance total of about 80,000 visitors. Even though the winter weather made it difficult for some visitors to attend the fair, it also brightened spirits in the 18 halls of Messe München. In addition to innovations in the areas of winter sports, outdoor and fitness, the industry learned how to remain attractive to consumers of the future. The issues of sustainability, digitalization and, for the first time, eSports played a major role here. 
Lectures and games were broadcast from the new eSports Arena via an own Twitch channel

•About 80,000 visitors from 120 countries
•Sustainability and digitalization are the talk of the trade fair
•ISPO Munich Sports Week excites consumers

Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO of Messe München, says: “ISPO Munich showed there is a deep, untapped pool of potential for the brands and retailers of the sporting goods industry. This can fuel growth and, above all, energize the industry. We also successfully introduced the area of eSports this year.” Talks and games were broadcast from the new eSports arena on the fair’s own Twitch channel. More than 300,000 viewers over the past three days clearly demonstrated the range of eSport. This creates a tremendous opportunity for the entire sports industry, particularly in terms of reaching young target groups. Digitalization plays a key role here. “Failing to think digitally is not an option,” says Stefan Herzog, General Secretary of the Association of German Sports Retailers. “The world is changing. Each of us must change, too. ISPO Munich offers specialist retailers everything they need to be competitive today and tomorrow.” “According to Herzog, new platforms such as ISPO Digitize are the ideal complement. Since its premiere a year ago, ISPO Digitize has become the place to go for manufacturers and retailers of sporting goods who want to learn about digital products and services—and, above all, visualize the potential of digitalization. The next ISPO Digitize Summit will be held on July 3 and 4, 2019, in Munich.

Focus topic sustainability - consumers are demanding more resource-efficient and recyclable products

Sustainability is becoming a higher priority

“Each of us is responsible for our planet,” Dittrich says. “The sporting goods industry can do its part by using sustainable materials and production processes.” Consumers are also increasingly demanding that products be made in an environmentally conscious manner and be recyclable. “The industry has an opportunity to become trailblazers and to set standards before government regulators take matters into their own hands,” state Arne Strate, General Secretary of the European Outdoor Group (EOG). He adds, “sustainability has also become a business model.”

ISPO Munich Sports Week and Night Run

For sports fans beyond the exhibition halls, the ISPO Munich Sports Week took place for the second time: a joint initiative with sporting goods retailers, fitness partners and brands that is designed to fuel Munich’s passion for sports with a large number of activities. More than 170 events provide a week’s worth of athletic excitement and fun for consumers. The highlight was the ISPO Munich Night Run presented by BUFF® on February 2, an event that drew a record number of about 650 participants. “It was a great race and the perfect way to start the year,” says Florian Neuschwander, a professional runner who won the event. The ISPO Munich Sports Week will continue through February 9.

ISPO Munich in numbers

Around 80,000 industry visitors from 120 countries came to Munich (2018: 83,606). The countries with the largest number of visitors (in this order) were Italy, Austria, France, Switzerland, Great Britain and the Russian Federation.

A total of 2,943 exhibitors showcased their products and innovations. This represents an increase of 5 percent over the previous year. The share of international exhibitors also set a record at 89 percent (2018: 88 percent). The largest participant groups by country were Germany, China, France, Great Britain, Italy, Taiwan and the United States.

The next ISPO Munich will be held from January 26 to 29, 2020, in Munich.

Other dates include Outdoor by ISPO from June 30 through July 3, 2019; ISPO Digitize on July 3 and 4, 2019; and ISPO Shanghai from July 5 to 7, 2019.


You will find more details and background information about the four days of the trade fair and other industry news at The media database offers photo material. All ISPO TV reports are available on our website and in our media library.

Sports, Euipment and Leisure Show - Munich Germany (Z1202)

ISPO Munich: Survey
“Women in the Sports Business”
As a target group, women are gaining ground, but not in management positions

The international survey of ISPO Munich involving 833 exhibitors and visitors to ISPO Munich shows that a high share of sports products is specifically aimed at women – but there are still too few female managers. While the sports business increasingly focuses on women and their requirements as a target group, a lot of potential is not being exploited in the areas of marketing and product development.

ISPO Munich for Women in Sports Business.

• Women are becoming an increasingly important target group
• But the majority of decision makers and marketers in the sports business are male
• Women’s Lounge powered by Frauen Verbinden invites interested parties to discuss this situation

“Women choose their own equipment and are very careful in making sure that they have the right gear. Products and their properties are becoming increasingly important; appearance is no longer the central aspect. Women are becoming more and more relevant as a target group,” says Maria Elena Rizzieri, Woman Project Leader at Blizzard / Tecnica. Manufacturers are also responding to this trend. “The number of products specifically for the female target group is increasing. These include gender-specific products that correspond with anatomical and ergonomic demands,” adds Kim Scholze, Community Manager at ISPO Munich and responsible for the ISPO Initiative “Women in the Sports Business.”

833 manufacturers and retailers from the sporting goods industry took part in the survey with the focus on “women in leadership” and “women as a target group.” 79 percent of manufacturers said women are important to extremely important for their company’s sales. For 46 percent of the manufacturers, the significance of women as a target group has increased over the last two years. Retailers also reported the high degree of relevance in this regard: For a quarter of them, special women’s collections or products make up at least half of their entire range. For 35 percent, the share is between 25 and 49 percent.

Graphic for the survey “Women in Sports Business”

In most cases, women have no input with regard to the manufacture of the products

In other words, women as a target group are increasingly important in the sports industry, but more than half of the manufacturing companies (53 percent) have no special campaign planning to address this target group. More than half (53 percent) of the retailers also admitted they have no separate, holistic concept for female customers. There is also some room for improvement when it comes to product development: For example, 94 percent of manufacturers that offer special collections for women say they involve women in product development. However, in only 22 percent of the companies it is predominantly women who make the final decision about these products. This is why advertising and marketing seem to be more male-focused and, in many cases, do not reflect the reality of life of the women the products are aimed at.

Still few women in management positions

77 percent of the companies (retailers and manufacturers) have less than half of their management roles filled by women. In fact, in almost half the companies that took part in the survey (48 percent) the share of female managers is less than 25 percent.

Women filled more than 50 percent of managerial positions in just 16 percent of the companies surveyed. Development plans for women could improve the situation, but 73 percent of the manufacturers and retailers do not offer special coaching, mentor programs, or similar. In addition, only 54 percent of the companies have the topic of work-life balance anchored in their company culture.

ISPO Munich for Women in the Sports Business

The survey is part of a large-scale initiative of ISPO Munich on the subject of “Women in the Sports Business” that was launched two years ago. “Our aim is to raise awareness in the industry and encourage discussion within society in order to drive change in the business. There are still too few female managers in the sporting goods industry. In addition, the industry does not yet adequately address the target group-specific approach of women; there is still a lot of potential here,” explains Kim Scholze. This concerns above all retailers. “Women are largely the decision-makers on the family budget, so it's all the more important to meet their needs in the best possible way.”

ISPO Munich is not only focusing on these topics in its survey. The largest trade fair in the sports business is encouraging discussion within the scope of the “ISPO Munich Women’s Lounge powered by Frauen Verbinden” in Hall A1. The program is supplemented with guided tours, panel discussions, and individual interviews. Within the scope of “ISPO Talks by Frauen Verbinden” on February 4 at 11:00 am there will also be a series of five to eight-minute talks on the subject of digital culture on the ISPO Academy Stage. The complete program is available online. ISPO Munich will be held from February 3 to 6.

Sports, Euipment and Leisure Show - Munich Germany (Z1200)
ISPO Trend Report
Digitalization accelerates individualization
Individualized products are moving to the forefront, creating a broad range of new opportunities for the sporting goods industry in the process. This trend is all about “me, myself and I.” And that should be found in the product being purchased. Examples range from personally designed athletic shoes or skis to customized ski boots. Brands are learning that they must integrate their customers into manufacturing processes or into the late-stage refinement work that goes into their products. The trend is being accelerated by digital gadgets, those popular “wearables” that are actually mini-computers that support athletes during their activities and collect data. These data then form the basis for the manufacture of even more personalized products. At ISPO Munich (February 3–6, 2019), trade visitors will gain a comprehensive overview of today’s and tomorrow’s trends.
The megatrend known as “individualization” is sweeping through more and more segments of the sporting goods industry.

• The megatrend known as “individualization” is sweeping through more and more segments of the sporting goods industry
• The development is generating new potential
• Fitness trackers create a foundation of data

Wearables as a basis for more personalized products

New technologies like 3D printing and advances in artificial intelligence enable sports equipment to be produced increasingly faster and efficiently to meet customers’ specific needs and requests. With the help of data that fitness trackers and other digital devices collect about the body, athletic performance and health, products that match an athlete much like a fingerprint can now be produced. For instance, the ISPO Brandnew Finalist snowcookie of Switzerland has developed a smart ski system that uses sensors—one worn on the user’s chest and the other two attached to the skis—to capture independently the motion of the body and skis. Sunnto, a Finnish expert for athletic watches and the winner of the ISPO Award Winner 2019, has developed the Movesense sensor that can track every movement, physiology in sports and more. The sensor can be used in every sport, including swimming, track and field and skiing. By contrast, the ISPO Brandnew Digital Finalist FiTS offers individual services. The start-up has developed a motivation program that comprises individual training schedules, recipe videos and real-time voice guidance.

Functionally adapted skis and individual boot fitting

Individualization delivers a tremendous amount of added value if the product can be adapted to the user’s own body. This year’s overall winner of the start-up competition ISPO Brandnew, ORGINAL +, is one of the companies that is successfully shaping the individualization trend. With the help of proprietary software based on artificial intelligence, the company produces custom-made skis for individual customers. The software can design a functionally adapted ski by interpreting biometric data and additional information like skiing style and preferred types of slopes.

The scan-fit app from Fischer, a boot-fitting pioneer, facilitates the easy search for the right ski boot. A precise 3D foot measurement calculates the individual boot size to create the perfectly fitting ski and cross-country ski boot.

You will find additional details about the products and other examples in the Winter Sports Trend Report.

Micro-factories and 3D product development of boot upper materials

To meet local or individualized needs in the production process, “micro-factories” represent the future of the clothing industry. They link the 3D simulation of clothing directly to production. It is a milestone along the way to Industry 4.0. In cooperation with the German Institute of Textile and Fiber Research (DITF), ISPO Munich will present the ISPO Textrends Microfactory, where the entire digital process chain from the first virtual design and the digital textile print to automated cutting will be exhibited. The ISPO Textrends Microfactory will form the heart of Hall C4. In cooperation with H. Stoll, a leader in flat-knitting machine technology, the DITF institute will also present the integration of the digital 3D product development of boot upper materials into a fully automatic knitting process. It represents an advance in rapid-prototyping of 3D-knitted products for development and production in the textile value chain.

Sports, Euipment and Leisure Show - Munich Germany (Z1201)
ISPO Trend Report
Digital, individual, and sustainable: winter sports trends for 2019/2020
Enthusiasm for winter sports remains unbroken. Demand for the right winter sports equipment is correspondingly high. The buying preferences of many amateur athletes have changed considerably in recent years: for example, consumers are increasingly interested in how sustainable their equipment is and what materials are used to produce it. In addition, many are becoming more willing to spend on high-quality products if this increases enjoyment and performance.
One of the Winter sports trends for 2019/2020: higher, further, faster – but also safer.

• Customization: the demand for individual products continues to grow
• Trend towards sustainability is on the rise
• Urban lifestyle remains the trend in the winter sports sector

Digital gadgets continue to be in high demand, as is customization. Custom-made skis are particularly gaining importance, as well as ecologically sound material technologies. These and other trends will all be showcased between February 3 and 6 at the sports trade show ISPO Munich.

Trend towards sustainability is on the rise

According to the annual industry report “The State of Fashion” by consulting firm McKinsey, young people in particular are increasingly excited by social engagement and environmental protection. Sustainable repair services, such as those offered by Patagonia, are becoming more and more important to consumers. U.S.-based PrimaLoft, a developer of material technologies, is in a position to revolutionize the market here with a genuinely new development. After four years of intensive work, it presented PrimaLoft Bio, the first synthetic insulation made completely from recycled, biodegradable fibers. Also, Holmenkol, the world’s oldest ski wax brand, introduced the first organic-certified and 100 percent biodegradable ski wax, making a clear statement. The Italian ski manufacturer NORDICA already relies on PrimaLoft liners made of recycled PET bottles for 80 percent of its footwear collection. In addition, eight recycled wine corks find a new life in each pair of NORDICA liners. La Sportiva is offering exciting new developments with its Skorpius CR touring boot, for example, the shell of which is made of plant-based, resource-saving Pebax Rnew.

The ever-present trend—customization: the demand for individual skis and boots continues to grow

Although boot fitting is not a new topic for ski hardware manufacturers, it is one that is becoming increasingly sophisticated. While your everyday off-the-shelf ski boot with its fixed size concept was considered to be state-of-the-art ten years ago, today every manufacturer without exception offers a boot-fitting concept. The methods used are very similar across brands. The fitting process is carried out using foot measurement, which is used to identify a suitable ski boot model from the collection. Once this has been determined, either the liner, the shell, or even both elements of the matching ski boot model are heat-molded to the shape of the customer’s foot. These systems are increasingly being adopted by specialist retailers, because they create a tangible advantage for stationary retailers. One of the boot-fitting pioneers is Fischer Sports with its vacuum system. For the coming season, the Austrian brand has come up with a “mobile boot fitting” option: the newly developed Scan-Fit app, which can be used for making preselections from the comfort of home. Using a smartphone camera, three different “foot photos” are uploaded to the app, which are shot according to precise instructions. Once uploaded, the system calculates the right ski or cross-country boot from Fischer’s current range.

Boot fitting now also for kids

For the first time, NORDICA is now also offering children what was previously reserved exclusively for adult skiers. “Speedmachine J 3 Plus” is the name of the junior model, which is molded to the feet of youngsters using the same long-established process as employed for adults. Following a foot measurement at an authorized retailer, infrared technology is used to adapt the shell, the heat-moldable liner, and all modular components to the foot anatomy for an individualized fit.

Mass customization of alpine skis

The development of the young Austrian ski label ORIGINAL+ is virtually a logical consequence of this. The ISPO Brandnew Overall Winner devised a convincing concept for both customizing and producing skis in large quantities. The company’s smart service is provided through an online ski configurator, which designs a ski that will be produced precisely according to the skier’s needs. To do this, the prospective customer has to click through different stages, in which questions are asked about their biometric data, skiing preferences, and optionally the specifications of their preferred ski boot. After the configuration process, the ORIGINAL+ calculator determines the data for a completely customized ski, which can be ordered immediately online after any visual changes. Pioneering innovations are also emerging in the snowboard sector. The ISPO Brandnew Finalist BBoard from Switzerland manufactures snowboards that can be personalized according to the rider’s wishes. Tailored to the customer’s height, weight, and personal riding style, the board is made by hand according to an individual design. The Forge GTX hiking shoes by TECNICA are customizable and ensure that wearers get to their ski resorts during the winter. Brick-and-mortar stores show their expertise again here in that the Forge GTX outdoor boot can be adapted to the customer’s unique feet measurements at the retailer. This is possible due to an upper construction that is equipped with heat-moldable elements in the heel area. The boot fitter also adapts the insole to the customer’s anatomy. With this, TECNICA is seeking to set new standards when it comes to providing the correct fit.

Adaptability is an attribute that also falls under the collective term “customization” and is a feature integrated into the advanced Boa glove adjustment system from Leki. With the Nordic Tune Shark Boa, these specialists are bringing a trigger-compatible glove to the market that can be optimally adapted to the wearer’s hand using the Boa adjustment system. In terms of transferring power, this is a step in a new direction, particularly for Nordic skiing where the use of poles is essential. Madshus has introduced its new technology Move, a dial on the binding of skin skis, which allows cross-country skiers to easily adjust the Rottefella binding’s grip on terrain without having to unfasten their skis. This provides more grip for ascents and less skin contact with the ground on downhills for unadulterated fun on descents.  

Higher, further, faster—but also safer

In these performance-oriented times, which have also included mass sports for a long time now, more and more companies are working on smart safety systems, because technical developments in alpine skis alone have meant that even average skiers and beginners are much faster than before. For safety equipment manufacturers it is about minimizing the impact of possible falls. For example, the Swedish label POC will be launching a back protector for kids on the market next season: not only does it provide excellent protection, it is also breathable and trackable via GPS. The latter is enabled by the so-called Trax POC Edition device, which is tucked away in a breast pocket at the front. What makes this ISPO Award Gold Winner (in the category “Accessories”) really special is the alarm triggered by the device in the event of an accident. In the field of avalanche airbags, the Jetforce Pro from Black Diamond took the gold title with its compact avalanche airbag system which, in addition to its prize-worthy lightweight design and easy handling, also includes a digital component: a Bluetooth element that makes regular updates child’s play. The maximum pack volume can be adjusted from 10 to 25 liters.

Simple, but effective: the helmets of Swedish company Flaxta are primarily geared to freeriders who like to snowboard or ski in untouched nature. Accordingly, the helmets are particularly light and breathable and have as a special feature an integrated NFC ID chip, which enables relevant information to be called up and received via smartphone in the event of a crash—a valuable aid for search parties and first responders. 

Urban lifestyle remains the trend in the winter sports sector

“The combination of fashionable, urban elements, in terms of color, material, cut, and fit, with function is vitally important in the winter sports sector,” says Ingo Jost, Director for Europe at Luhta Sportswear Company. According to Jost, it is especially Millennials who are increasingly looking for “crafted goods,” i.e. functional clothing that is also authentic and stylish. Jost sees this area gaining “increasing importance,” which could lend fresh impetus to the sports department and open new target groups. Overall, the clothing industry is bringing back a lot of color to the sector. Anything goes: from soft tones to vivid colors such as deep orange or olive. While the Norwegian label Bergans is embracing colorful creations, their compatriots at Helly Hansen are focusing on the traditional red, white, and blue combination. Icepeak, a brand that is part of the Finnish Luhta Sportswear Company, will be celebrating a revival of the 1990s next winter with its Star Collection. Still on the rise: clothing made of Merino wool, for top and bottom layers, on its own or in a mix with other materials, using sophisticated knitting techniques. A slow-burning trend is that of intelligent enhancements and new developments in material functionality: the Swiss brand KJUS is relying here on its self-developed electronic HYDRO_BOT membrane, which was bestowed the title of Gold Winner by the ISPO Award specialist jury: using electroosmosis, the wearer can pump out moisture in a targeted and controlled manner with up to ten times greater efficiency. The North Face has devoted itself completely to innovation. For the first time in Europe, the company is presenting its new membrane principle in the form of a completely new nano spinning method. The U.S. manufacturer was named an ISPO Award winner for this by the panel of experts.

Sports, Euipment and Leisure Show - Munich Germany (Z1199)
Facts, trends and information about ISPO Munich 2019

ISPO Munich 2019

On Sunday, February 3rd, ISPO Munich is going to start with an exhibitor record of 2.943 companies from 56 countries. That's an increase of 5 percent over the previous year. The share of international exhibitors will reach a peak of 89 percent in 2019. The figures underline the importance of the industry platform to make international contacts and to experience innovations and trends.
Please find below a first preview of current developments and trends in the sporting goods industry:

A trend that increasingly affects the sporting goods industry and offers many opportunities is individualization. From the personal design of the skis or custom-made ski boot.
More information gives the trend report individualization
The enthusiasm for winter sports is unbroken. The demand for the right winter sports equipment is high. Especially custom-made skis are gaining more and more importance, as well as ecologically sound material techniques.
More information gives the trend report winter
The international survey by ISPO Munich shows that the proportion of specific sports products for women is high - but there are still too few female executives.
More results and potentials shows the survey "Women in Sports Business"

Use the online accreditation for ISPO Munich to avoid waiting times on site.

Sports, Euipment and Leisure Show - Munich Germany (Z1197)
Highlights, innovations, and sports stars

From yoga and fitness trends to esports and new developments in the world of climbing: more than 2,800 international exhibitors will be presenting their highlights and innovations at ISPO Munich, the world’s largest sports trade fair, which is set to be held from February 3 to 6. In addition to live demonstrations and workshops, industry professionals can expect to see a large number of prominent athletes. Among them biathlon legend Ole Einar Bjørndalen, who will receive the ISPO Cup this year.

ISPO Munich presents the sports highlights of tomorrow.

The largest industry gathering for the international sports business – ISPO Munich—will take place in just a few days. In addition to international trade visitors, many prominent athletes are expected to attend. These include Miriam Neureuther (German biathlete and cross-country skier), Britta Steffen (German swimmer), Robin Backhaus and Poul Zellmann (German swimmers), Julius Brink (German beach volleyball player), Peter Sagan (Slovak racing cyclist), Gina Lückenkemper (German track and field athlete), Nils Schumann (German track and field athlete) and Andrzej Bargiel (Polish ski mountaineer, mountaineer, and alpine runner). One of the highlights is the visit of skateboard legend Tony Hawk, who will hold a keynote address on Monday, February 4, as part of the “ISPO Digitize Pioneers Night”. An overview of all VIP visits is available online.

Award: Ole Einar Bjørndalen receives ISPO Cup 2019

Ole Einar Bjørndalen, one of the greatest athletes of our time, will be awarded the ISPO Cup on Tuesday, February 5. With eight Olympic gold medals as well as four silver and one bronze medal, he is the most successful biathlete ever at the Winter Olympics. A total of 95 World Cup victories in biathlon and cross-country skiing means that he is currently the greatest Winter athlete of all time. The ISPO Cup will honor his unique accomplishments and exceptional career.

New: Indoor Climbing Hub

Climbing has developed rapidly in recent years. Artificial climbing facilities in a variety of forms are widespread, especially in urban metropolises. The German Alpine Club has count 500 climbing halls in Germany alone—and the number is rising. In 2020, the sport will become an Olympic discipline for the first time. This is expected to draw greater attention and lead to growing interest. Under the motto “Climbing Gyms Insights,” the new Indoor Climbing Hub in hall A3 brings together various players to discuss these developments. Among other things, the program of speeches highlights the growth market in an international comparison and looks at the opportunities and challenges of the new Olympic format. More information and the program are available online.

Trend: sustainable products still in demand

A trend that has accompanied the sports and outdoor industry for many years and is becoming increasingly important in light of current developments is the manufacture of sustainable products. Many brands are already aware of their responsibilities and have incorporated a sustainable manufacturing process into their business. Experts will be talking about current developments and the urgency of this topic at the “CSR Hub & Sustainability Kiosk” in hall A4. These include representatives of non-governmental organizations such as Jon Cocino from One Percent for the Planet, Oliver Spies and Alexander Nolte from STOP! Micro Waste, Jeremy Jones from Protect our Winters, and Rainer Uhl from the Surfrider Foundation.

Fitness and yoga are booming

There is no end in sight to the fitness boom. From CrossFit and urban running to functional training: interested visitors from the health & fitness sector will get their money’s worth in halls A5 and A6. In addition, the annual RUNNER’S WORLD running symposium will take place on February 4 for professionals in the running scene. Yoga also continues to enjoy great popularity. According to a study, the global market for yoga clothing is expected to grow by more than six percent a year. The large demand comes mainly from the U.S. The garments are used in variants of yoga such as acroyoga. Yogis at ISPO Munich can expect “flying asanas”—a combination of acrobatic playfulness, the healing energy of therapeutic flying, and the balance and connection of yoga. In addition, yoga professionals will be providing information about yoga for climbers or Liquid Flow Yoga on the Body & Mind stage. An overview of all workshops and live demonstrations can be found on the ISPO Munich website and in the event calendar.

New: get involved in esports up close and personal

For the first time, visitors to the fair can experience esports in person as part of ISPO Digitize in hall C6. Among other things, a friendly match will be taking place at the eSport Arena between Bayern Ballers Gaming, the esports team of FC Bayern Basketball, and the ISPO community. Experts, including those from Sport1, Nielsen, the German Football League (DFL), and 7Sports, will also be providing insights into the potential and growth market of this trend sport. As part of ISPO Munich Sports Week, the Munich-based sports retailer Globetrotter will be organizing an esports tournament on Wednesday, February 6, which will be streamed live in the exhibition halls.


An overview of all brands and manufacturers can be found in the exhibitor directory. The event calendar contains information about when events are taking place and who the speakers are. This information is also available in the ISPO Munich app. You can find the online accreditation for media representatives here. An overview of known press dates is available online.

Sports, Euipment and Leisure Show - Munich Germany (Z1195)
Second ISPO Munich Sports Week carries the enthusiasm for sports from the trade fair to the city

Each year, ISPO Munich (February 3–6, 2019) attracts more than 2,800 international exhibitors and over 80,000 industry professionals to the Bavarian capital. Trade visitors get an exclusive overview at the highlights of the upcoming sporting year. Since 2018, end consumers have also been able to take advantage of the trade fair: ISPO Munich Sports Week (February 2–9, 2019) brings the passion for sports to downtown Munich and invites sports enthusiasts to take part in and try out numerous events. A highlight of the sports week is the ISPO Munich Night Run presented by BUFF®, which takes place on February 2 at the Olympic Park. 

From February 2–9, the second ISPO Munich Sports Week will take place in Munich.

Workshops, talks, and product testing activities—following its successful launch last year, ISPO Munich Sports Week will once again transform Munich city center into one of the largest sports grounds in the world in 2019. “For a whole week, retailers, brands, sports clubs, and other players from the sports industry will be bringing the trade fair’s passion for sports to the city and involving the consumer,” explains Markus Hefter, Exhibition Group Director for ISPO Munich. With new activities and free events, the program for ISPO Munich Sports Week has become even more extensive. 

Urban sports adventure tour for end consumers

One of the starting points for the numerous sporting events is the sports retailer Globetrotter at Isartor. It is from here at 2:00 p.m. on February 2 that the Sympatex plogging event will commence. Participants will learn from plogging inventor, Erik Ahlström, in person what plogging (a made-up term from the Swedish word “plocka”—“to pick” in English—and “jogging”) has to do with a clean environment and sustainable textiles. With Ahlström by their side, they will then continue with a plogging tour through downtown Munich. On Sunday, February 3, a real cinematic adventure awaits the residents of Munich: ISPO and SportScheck will be presenting the premiere of the new Nuit de la Glisse outdoor movie MAGNETIC. The audience can expect impressive shots of nature as well as background information from the director Thierry Donard and the two main actors Tom Barrer and Toby Cunningham in person. On February 4, CrossFit eo is inviting people to get involved in a CrossFit for Newbies course at reduced rates. In time for winter, Mammut is organizing a free Snow & Safety Workshop on February 6. Here, participants will learn all about safety on the mountain—whether for ski tours, freeriding, or snowshoeing—and can get to grips with avalanche equipment. Looking ahead to spring and the start of the cycling season, the Rose bikes store will be offering a breakdown repairs workshop for bikers on February 9. Sports enthusiasts can find the complete program with all events and details at

ISPO Munich Night Run presented by BUFF®: trail run in the heart of the city

Another highlight is the ISPO Munich Night Run presented by BUFF®, which takes place on February 2. More than 500 people participated in the running event in 2018 and over 700 runners are expected this year, including professional athlete Florian Neuschwander. In addition to two urban trail runs over 5 or 10 kilometers, children will also have a chance to get involved in the first Kids Run (8 to 14 years). In addition, the “GORE-TEX 1 Mile Uphill Challenge” will be encouraging team spirit with a relay team challenge on the Olympic Mountain.

In the afternoon, participants can enjoy an extensive supporting program and hands-on activities in Munich's Olympic Park. The start and finish area for the runs is located on the forecourt of the Olympic Ice Sport Center (Willi-Daume-Platz). All information about registration, participation fees, and travel information is available on the website.

Sports, Euipment and Leisure Show - Munich Germany (Z1192)
ISPO Award jury honors the most innovative sports products for 2019/2020

The ISPO Award is regarded as a well-established seal of quality and approval for outstanding products in the sports industry. The 2019 winners have now been chosen. An independent international jury of experts have chosen the winners in the five segments Health & Fitness, Outdoor, Snowsports, Team & Social Sports, and Urban from amongst several hundreds of entries. Various trends are emerging in terms of the digital connectivity of sports products, the area of modern high-tech materials and the sustainability of functional clothing and footwear. A selection of the award-winning products will be showcased from February 3 to 6, 2019 at ISPO Munich in Hall B1.

Product of the Year Outdoor: Biopod DownWool Nature/Grüezi Bag

An increasing number of smart sports devices, which collect, process and analyze training data, are being entered each year. As has been the case in recent years, many brands are also focusing heavily on sustainability. As such, the ISPO Award organizers decided to support this developmental trend by setting up a separate Eco jury. “The efforts being made in recent years throughout the industry to raise awareness of sustainability-related topics are clear to see: on the whole, significantly more brands are, for example, ensuring that they have sustainable production chains in place, using recyclable materials and supporting the campaign to fight plastic waste,” says Anna Rodewald, Sustainability Expert and Chair of the ISPO Award Eco Responsibility Jury.

Another new development this year was that snowboards, skis and winter sports equipment were, for the first time ever, subjected to practical tests on the slopes as part of the ISPO Award 2019. As such, a core team traveled to Austria and France prior to the official jury meeting.

The jury was composed of 43 experts from 12 countries, including retailers, designers, marketing experts, journalists, consumers and athletes.

The best innovations in each segment were named “Product of the Year.” Here is an overview of the winners:

Health & Fitness

The “Platinum Club Series” connected treadmill from Life Fitness

 The “Platinum Club Series” treadmill is not only capable of synchronizing with an Apple Watch and streaming Netflix and Spotify, etc.—with the RunSocial app from Life Fitness, training on this treadmill becomes a truly digital community event. On the Discover SE3 HD integrated LCD touchscreen, users can choose one of the international courses and see, in real time, which other users located all over the world are currently using the same track. In the form of avatars, users can also see other runners next to them and can even interact and communicate with them.


The most natural sleeping bag ever—“Biopod DownWool Nature” from Grüezi bag

The “Biopod DownWool Nature” is all about getting back to nature. From the packaging down to the last button, this sleeping bag is made entirely from 100 percent natural materials. It is made of DownWool, an innovative high-end filling composed of 70 percent down and 30 percent wool. The material achieves perfect insulation and, as such, comparatively little filling material is required.


The SOTA HS Hooded Jacket from Mammut boasts revolutionary technology and workmanship

The SOTA HS Hooded Jacket, a fully equipped, 3-layer ski jacket, features revolutionary technology: the 4-way super-stretch material made from coated knitted fabric and 3D surface is produced without any seams and is therefore extremely breathable and hard-wearing at the same time. For optimum temperature regulation, the special 3D knitting technology is supplemented with Primaloft insulation in areas of the body which are particularly sensitive to the cold.

Team & Social Sports

Ultimate iBall, the digital handball from SELECT

Ultimate iBall is the world’s first ever intelligent handball. During the game, the built-in KINEXON chip records data regarding ball speed, shot detection, shot position and the position of the ball in the goal in real time. As part of live transmissions, spectators benefit from brand-new insights into the game and fans can get closer to the action than ever before. All captured data is also provided to television stations and digital channels in real time. The iBall made its handball debut in the EHF Final4 of the Handball Champions League 2018.


The Sordo boot from Berg Outdoor: 100 percent biodegradable footwear

The fully biodegradable Sordo boot from outdoor specialist Berg Outdoor is made from oak leather bionature, burel and an Apinat outer sole. All the materials have been specially coordinated to ensure that the boot is biodegradable. Under favorable environmental conditions, the boot fully decomposes within just six months.

ISPO Award ceremony

The ISPO Award ceremony will take place during the first two days of ISPO Munich in the ISPO Brandnew Village on the stage in Hall B4. The winners in the Snowsports segment will be presented with their awards at 11 a.m. on Sunday, February 3. At 2 p.m. in the afternoon, the jury will present the awards for the best Outdoor and Urban products. At 1 p.m. on Monday, February 4, the awards for the Health & Fitness and Team & Social Sports segments will be presented.

All Products of the Year as well as the Gold Winners of the official ISPO Munich will be exhibited during the trade fair from February 3 to 6 in the central aisle of Hall B1.

Sports, Euipment and Leisure Show - Munich Germany (Z1193)
Awardees at ISPO Textrends for Fall/Winter 2020/21 tick all
the boxes with emphasis on sustainability, functionality
and creativity

A record number of international companies applied for ISPO Textrends, the performance textiles, accessories and trims forum for the Sports & Out-doors markets. Judged by an international jury of textile experts, Best Product, TOP TEN and Selection were awarded in 10 sectors that will feature at the ISPO Textrends forum at ISPO Beijing in January and ISPO Munich in February 2019.


Jury member, Jill Dumain, CEO of bluesign was impressed with the sheer number of entries. “I find that encouraging, the fact that hopefully it is driving towards innovation, looking at better performance, better environmental qualities and moving the industry forward.”  

“I was really encouraged to see the integration of ‘responsible’ into every-thing that is innovative and creative driven. I feel really proud, that generally speaking, this value has been integrated into the best things today,” said Giusy Bettoni, CEO of C.L.A.S.S.

Three additional aspects were noted by the jury feature for Fall/Winter 2020/21:

Sensational Touch

A higher level of sensual haptic features across all sectors, with a notable improvement in recycled synthetics this season, delivering a touch that is on par with conventional synthetics.

Protective Elements

Performance is heightened as protection embraces the sports and outdoors markets. Water repellency, insulation, reflective coatings and prints, high tenacity anti-rip and abrasion resistance products are just some of the properties that protect.

Optical Illusion

Surface structure and depth features for the season, but what you see isn’t what you get. 3D relief is delivered through the optical use of yarns and prints. From realistic digital aspects to yarn-dyed effects, with subtle definition further enhanced through embossing and flocking.

These are the Best Products voted by the international ISPO Textrends jury:

Base Layer

Tintex Textiles—Portugal
An innovative base layer with multiple benefits featured from Tintex Textiles, including emotional well-being, obtained by the Seacell fiber by Smartfiber AG, physical, through a soft touch, finished with Naturally Clean, an eco-friendly finishing, with the inclusion of Roica Clean Fit odor control/anti-odor elastane providing the technical element. 

Second Layer

Cordura Fabric—UK
A lightweight, high-stretch soft shell fleece with durable outer face and soft inner. Long lasting durable performance. The Cordura 4Ever Knit technology attracted the jury’s attention, with a soft haptic and lightweight. Breathable, abrasion-resistant, tear-proof  and bi-stretch functionality, leading to longer life garments that meet the demands of the consumer.

Outer Layer

Flying Textile—China
Natural fibers continue to feature in the performance sector, with wool increasingly returning as a viable player in a predominantly synthetic sector. Inherently anti-door and emerging in a new level of added function. Flying Textile’s wool outer layer provided a warm and comfortable touch, that is breathable, waterproof and windproof.

Membranes and Coatings

Redaelli Velluti—Italy
Combining the glamor and style of velvet with the performance of traditional outdoor products, the new Redaelli velvet series adds a whole new dimension to functional clothing. Different bondings to two or three layer compositions make it possible to work with waterproof seams, processing with or without lining and the possibility of additional filling with down or synthetic fibers.

Street Sports

Wisher Industrial—Taiwan
A growth sector, Street Sports is appealing to cross boundaries as consumers look to efficient apparel for multiple end uses. Smart fabric for urban outdoor, Wisher’s fashionable and stylish fabric fits a variety of situations and allow you to easily switch between different occasions, keeping you comfortable in high temperatures and changing weather situations. 

Accelerated Eco

Jinjiang Chuangying Import and Export Trading—China
This recycled fabric uses the color master batch method for the coloring process before spinning. After cire finishing, it is light-resistant, wash-resistant, wear-resistant, and high temperature-resistant. It is a low-carbon, environmentally friendly fabric, saving water and achieving a regular and even color throughout the fabric, eliminating waste at QC. 


Thermore (Far East)—Hong Kong
Insulation, the invisible ingredient essential to the sports and outdoors markets continues to innovate. Designed to provide superior loft, warmth and recovery thanks to the unique multi-shape structure, Ecodown Fibers are animal free and also feature 100 percent recycled fibers.

Soft Equipment

Honmyue Enterprise—China
Thinking outside of the box, Honmyue Enterprise has long since turned to unconventional material for inspiration, this season landing in paper touch and surface. Surpassing the limit of direct digital printing technology on polyamide fabric, the result is both visually and physically appealing, offering more possibilities for design using this abrasion-resistant and water-repellent fabric. 


Bemis Associates—USA
Bemis’ new Tint functional film delivers a unique aesthetic option that hits the transparent trend in apparel and footwear. Use on logos, edge finishes, designs and functional panels to add tone on colors or as a “watermark”, allowing the pattern or texture of the fabric to come through. Tint has a low activation adhesion that allows application to heat sensitive fabrics. The barrier layer is soft, UV resistant, hydrolytically stable and receptive to screen printing inks for further design flexibility and reflectivity. 


Unlike traditional zippers, the Dynamic Zipper isn’t fixed. With SAB’s new design, the zipper chain works in a gliding motion. When you turn your head, the zipper slides accordingly to avoid the hood blocking your vision, offering higher visibility in hooded garments—perfect for winter sports apparel.

Discover all the winners of ISPO Textrends

All the products awarded Best Product, TOP TEN and Selection awarded by the jury will be revealed at the ISPO Textrends forum at ISPO Beijing (Jan 16 - 19, 2019 • Hall E2, Booth 2.4.6) and ISPO Munich (Feb 03 - 06, 2019 • Center of Hall C5). Full details of all the materials will also be available, 365 days a year, in the ISPO Textrends trendbook, the invaluable sourcing tool for the sports and outdoor markets.

Sports, Euipment and Leisure Show - Munich Germany (Z1191)
Hall B5 to bring skiing together under one roof at ISPO

The range of skiing activities has never been so expansive: Winter sports enthusiasts can choose from all sorts of innovative and traditional activities, including carving, freeskiing, ski touring and Alpine skiing. Each of these activities will be brought together in one special skiing hall at ISPO Munich (February 3–6, 2019). Exhibitors representing the leading ski brands will have the best conditions to display their solutions. Professional visitors will profit from the central hub for the entire skiing portfolio. Through the integration of the ski hall (Hall B5) in the Snowsports segment (Halls B2—B6), all information for the winter sports season will be ideally presented for sports business professionals.

The new ski hall will pay off not just for sporting goods retailers. Representatives of winter sports regions will also find the entire range of information about the new season and beyond here.

Enthusiasm for winter sports remains unbroken. Around 15 million people in Germany go skiing and snowboarding. Nearly 75 percent of skiers own all or some of the equipment they use on the slopes. More than 540,000 winter sports enthusiasts are members of the German Ski Association. Trendsetters continuously come up with new ideas that excite friends of winter sport and create a successive intake.

Skiing and ISPO Munich: together at the forefront from the very start

ISPO Munich remains true to a tradition that stretches back nearly 50 years. In 2019, skiing remains one of the main elements of the world’s largest trade fair for the sport business. The hall concept that was expanded in 2018 has been extended further with the addition of a new highlight in the redesigned Hall B5. The trade fair hall with the wide central aisle was developed together with the industry. “We are excited to be a part of creating the new B5 Ski hub. We were engaged with our ski industry colleagues and the ISPO Munich team to pursue a new and dynamic gathering place for the ski retail community. This new concept should create a place with shared topic spaces like the exciting new GripWalk initiative, the major ski brand presentations and a single hall concentrating on the ski hardware market. We expect a higher focus from the visitors and an area to build the ski community: suppliers, retailers, service suppliers and press. All working together with a common purpose: growing the ski market”, says Jonathan Wiant, President Marker Dalbello Völkl Brands. The hall creates an inviting and inspiring atmosphere for professional visitors. Focus areas set up in the middle provide exhibitors with special display opportunities where they can showcase their trends and innovations. Lounges, conference areas and meeting rooms serve as the ideal place to get away from the bustle of the trade fair and chat with customers or network. This area will pay off not just for manufacturers, sporting goods retailers and trade association officials. Representatives of winter sports regions will also find the entire range of information about the new season and beyond here.  

Hall B5: bringing the entire skiing industry together in one place

Hall B5 will bring the industry’s key players together under one roof—the exhibitors who will display their highlights for such trend themes as mass customization (customizable products) will include Blizzard, Fischer, Head, Leki, K2, Nordica, Tecnica and Völkl. The winners of the coveted ISPO Award will show off their innovations as well. In short, ISPO Munich is the optimal platform for all innovations in the skiing industry. One other highlight: In the focus area called “Heroes of Snowsport,” visitors will take a journey through the history of skiing.

By integrating the “ski hall” into the Snowsports segment, ISPO Munich will link all winter sports elements in five halls (B2-B6) and showcase the entire winter sports portfolio. From skis and snowboards to clothing and accessory trends and winter sports safety, ISPO Munich will highlight the latest trends and innovations for sport business professionals. 

International Footwear Exhibition organized by Assocalzaturifici
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